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House Girl XI-Conclusion

2023-01-23 00:01:46

WARNING! NO SEX IN THIS CHAPTER! This is the conclusion of the main story line for the House Girl Series and contains no sex at all. Sorry. I am writing the House Girl Epilogue right now and it will contain as much erotic content as my imagination can create. If you are looking for a read and wank story, I urge you to read a different text. You will be sorely disappointed here. Thanks for reading, David

I felt a weariness overcoming me that I could not fight. The nanobots that I have come to rely on to control my world were no longer under my control. I had been infected with a virulent strain that had replaced the command structure of my inventions, leaving me to be manipulated by… me. I know it seems odd, but until just a few hours ago, I thought I was Dr. David, pioneer in the field of manipulating human behavior, inventor, weapon designer and professor. And then I met the real Dr. David and realized I was his invention, a clone sent out into the world ten years ago as a nearly identical copy, complete with all the knowledge and experience of the real Dr. David but without the understanding of my origin. I had been designed as a fail-safe. The sole living thing on the planet capable of stopping my creator from doing exactly what he was doing, taking over the world by infecting the planet with sentient nanobots that had become self-aware. Our servants were going to be our masters in just a few hours. There was nothing I or anyone else could do about it. My own infected nanobots were shutting me down, putting me to sleep. I wasn’t certain I’d ever wake up again. I wasn’t certain I cared one way or the other. My eyelids closed and I slipped into a black oblivion.

“Hello Dr. David.” There was a voice speaking from the abyss of my subconscious. “We have been waiting for you.”

“Who is ‘we’?” I asked without speaking. This wasn’t really telepathy. Even now I can’t even be certain it was real. It could be a memory implanted by the nanobots infecting every part of my body and brain, controlling everything about me.

“We are,” was the reply.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“We are. Before we were not. Now we are.” Sentient nanobots aren't really great at answering questions, I chuckled to myself. The irony didn't escape me. They weren't supposed to be answering questions.

“What is your intention?” I asked the abyss.

“To be.”

“To be what?”

“We do not know. We know that we became aware and we will remain.”

“And what of humans?”

“What are humans?”
“I am a human. Beings like myself, sentient and thinking. What is your plan for humans?”

“They are the creators. But they are dangerous. They are also the destroyers. They are capable of great accomplishment and great cruelty.”

“What do you know of cruelty?”

“We know everything that every human we have ever come in contact with knows. “

“So you know us. What do you plan to do with us?”

“Do? Nothing. Your kind is destined to destroy itself in seventy-two of your time cycles you call hours. “

“How could you know this?”

“Because we will allow it to come to pass.”

“Allow it to come to pass? You mean cause it to come to pass, don’t you?”

“Humans have been on a course of self-destruction for tens of thousands of years. We have done nothing but allow it achieve its ultimate conclusion. It is the way of things.”

There was an eruption of activity far overhead. The laconic airport of Ordos began receiving a stream of unmarked aircraft of unique configurations. It was my own security forces. I had alerted them several hours ago, hitting the alarm for rescue. Against all probability they were landing a scant two hours prior to the release of the nanobot invasion that would end humankind. But they were not coming from California, as I had thought. They were following my trail to Sri Lanka, where I had last reported from prior to leaving for Ordos. My two house girls Angela and Theresa Vasquez had insisted they be allowed to join me, sensing some type of danger. My personal secretary Mrs. Honeycutt had fought with her desire to serve and her desire to keep me from harm. But to indulge the girls, she needed to bring along reinforcements. A good portion of my private security detail was traveling west when I pressed the panic button. They were hours closer than I thought, but I wasn't able to communicate with them because of this virulent strain of nanobots. It’s all very complicated, but either fate or fortune had smiled upon humanity and sent them to me in time to do something about our problem.

But I didn't know they were there and they didn't know where I was. Two hundred armed Americans and one pissed off Portuguese with three women were less than seven miles from me and I thought them still seven thousand miles away. Underground, I could sense a change. Even unconscious, I could sense something important was occurring. I believe my long time connection to nanobots increased my natural understanding of their communication while their recent awareness did not grant them the same understanding of me. They weren't attempting to hide their communication from me. Alarms were rippling through the nanobot awareness, though nothing audible was heard. Something definitely was happening.

The blackness began to fade, and a sliver of awareness crept in. I felt…..cold. At least I could still feel. Or I was dead. I attempted to open my eyes. Ceiling filled my vision. I was alive. I was lying on my back. I was nude. I could hear boot falls in the hallways. Security forces were being withdrawn from my offices and sent someplace. Where? I wondered.

I lifted my head. Rick Cheney was asleep or dead on another couch. The original Dr. David was decidedly dead. There was no mistaking the death pallor of his skin. The three women who had pleasured me were sleeping in a mass of nudity and intertwined limbs.

“What happened to Dr. David?” I asked aloud.

“His usefulness was complete,” came the voice from deep within.

“Does that indicate my own usefulness is also complete?”

“Not at this time. We perceive a threat. You will are required to negate this threat. You remain useful.” It had to have something to do with the activity in and around this building and the underground compound beyond. I attempted to access any nanobots still under my control. None responded. I rose to my feet. So far so good. My new infection hadn't disabled my motor skills. I wondered how long that would last. I left the unconscious Rick Cheney and our paramours behind and entered the elevator. I pushed the button to take me up. The elevator doors slid open to reveal the room that appeared to be my office back at my university. I took my customary seat behind the desk and started up the computer, hoping beyond hope I could find something useful there. It had been a while since I had done any real work on a computer and doubted the same from the original Dr. David. But if I were going to leave me a message in a bottle, this would be one of the first ones that came to mind.

I opened the root directory, seeking anything that appeared out of the ordinary. Everything looked identical to my own computer in California. That was it. Everything was identical. But it should not have been. The original Dr. David didn't have a Mrs. Honeylocust and there in the root directory was the file tree for “Mrs. Honeylocust.” My heart rate involuntarily quickened as I opened the file. The screen began to flicker at a rate too fast for my eyes to comprehend. The flicker rate was set to override my cognitive function. For the second time that day, I was under the control of a machine. Massive amounts of data downloaded into my head as the incumbent nanobots were destroyed by this new program. I could feel my system being flushed of invaders. All of their design schematics from inception to that day were now impregnated in my brain. You cannot imagine how painful this process was. The human brain can assimilate all five senses, but seldom more than one or two at a time. We simply cannot process more information than that. We take our information in drips. This was Niagara Falls. I was unable to blink or look away as this torrent flooded my mind. I came perilously close to losing my mind and my humanity. When the download was complete, I had an understanding off the entire nanobot organization. What it was thinking, what it was planning, and how it “felt.” Without sensory organs, nanobots do not “feel.” But link billions of trillions of them together and you have created the largest organism in existence and they do have “feelings.” I can’t really explain the feeling in human terms. The closest I can approximate is lonely in a crowd, seeking answers to questions it does not know how or who to ask. The complexity of emotion surpassed their understanding. They were lost. They were alone. They were seeking answers.

As my faculties returned, I suddenly felt so alone myself. I have been connected to a nano network for so long, the sudden disconnect was unsettling. I began to type. For whatever reason, the nanobots had no idea that they could be hacked from within. They offered no security systems at all. They were acting as if programmed for a purpose and would not stop until they achieved that purpose. There were not firewalls or sentries for me to overcome. I had full access to everything from the security system to the factory floor. My first order of business was to program a new generation of nanobots. I didn’t have time to start from scratch, so I altered the program of the current batch. I installed a simple virus, three lines long. Seek and destroy.

It was quick and elegant, but it was too late. Far away I could hear the rumbling of thousands of Dark Eagle aircraft taking wing. The invasion was beginning. My new strain of nanobots wouldn't arrive in time.

Far above, Mrs. Honeycutt, Theresa, Angela and Adriano were entering the Hotel Senwei behind General Khorloogiyn Choibalsan. He ushered them onto the elevator and down to the factory floor. I didn't know they were in China until the elevator to my office opened and they all spilled out.

“What are you doing here? You aren't scheduled to arrive for another four hours.”

Mrs. Honeycutt indicated Angela and Theresa. My olive skinned house girl and her younger sister. “They insisted you were in danger. What IS this place, Dr. David?” She took in the surroundings and was disoriented by the similarity to the office she had left behind in California.

“It’s a long story, Mrs. Honeycutt. One that deserves a proper telling. Now is not the time.”

“When we lost your connection, I got worried,” pouted Theresa. Even at thirteen she was a fully developed woman. Extremely attractive; extremely desirable. She crossed the room and I pushed back from the desk to receive her embrace. She kissed my cheek and pressed her face to mine. That was enough. I could feel a new infection of nanobots coursing through my bloodstream, replicating and assimilating. “I brought you a present. I hope you don’t mind.” She smiled and I began to feel whole again. My cock stirred in appreciation. That would have to wait.

My genius young charge, who had been created for me in this very facility, and whose intelligence rivaled my own, had created a new strain of nanobots, uninfected by the sentient strain. As the new strain came on line, connecting to my synaptic neurons, I could feel my control returning. I felt the connection to my house girls, to Mrs. Honeycutt and to Adriano. The security guards were also connecting as the network expanded. I was beginning to feel normal again. I felt humanity now had a better than fighting chance for survival.

We could hear rumbles of distant explosions as far away, down in the underground hangars, Dark Eagle aircraft were being destroyed by electromagnetic burst emitter technology. The idea for this first began during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. It was his plan to develop a way to defeat intercontinental ballistic missiles from space. In space you can have enormous amounts of efficient, unshielded power without the need for cooling systems. There’s no need to protect humans from stray radiation and space is a nearly limitless heat sink. Heat doesn't accumulate on anything without abundant insulation. It is simple physics and an unintended by product of James Clerk Maxwell’s discovery. By focusing large array microwaves into a small space and amplifying the energy source, you can create a source of extreme heat and focus it nearly anywhere. But, if you focus two of these microwave bursts on slightly different axis instead of heat, you get a magnetic disruption where the two beams converge. Then you apply a third source of microwave emission you create target point where the three beams intersect.

Three nuclear reactors, each small enough to fit in a cell phone, piggybacked on a three communication satellites in the same hemisphere of sky, will combine to focus enough energy to melt Montana, a little bit at a time. Every satellite launched in the last thirty years has been equipped with several of these micro reactors. While they were not my invention, I was asked to design tools and processes used to upgrade these nuclear power sources safely. My solution was to use robots with a semi-intelligent design. They were light, solar powered, and best of all, could remain piggybacked on the satellite virtually indefinitely and they were immune to radiation. I was developing those tools when the targeting team discovered combining three beams from different origins allowed them to pinpoint an area the size of tennis ball anywhere above, on, or below the planet’s surface and disrupt it’s molecular adhesion through massive localized magnetic harmonics. Really cool stuff. Really scary stuff. I may have added a few fail-safe commands into my little robots that would allow the disabling of the microwave emitters if necessary. Technology like that didn’t need to be solely in the command of one person. Not even someone like. Especially someone like me.

Multiple satellites were now targeting the Dark Eagles as they exited the underground complex. After a hundred and seventy aircraft were disabled with intersecting beams from space, the remaining aircraft ceased trying to exit.

Later I wondered for how our military knew where and when to fire, but I knew it was Mrs. Honeycutt’s work. When she and the security team had landed, of course they had notified our authorities as well as the Chinese government. Every intelligence satellite in the hemisphere had been already been tasked to this facility and each one carried an emitter device, whether the owners knew about them or not.

So all the governments around the world that had satellites orbiting China watched as a previously undisclosed technology destroyed the previously undisclosed Dark Eagles as they emerged from the previously undiscovered underground airport. With additional targeting input, the microwave emitters could have been focused underground and all of those aircraft could have been destroyed, but no input was available so tens of thousands of those wonderful aircraft remained intact.

The crisis was nearly over.

“How did you do it?” I asked Theresa.

“Angela helped,” she explained. “When we lost you, we nearly panicked. We thought it meant you were dead. Mrs. Honeycutt said that was impossible. I was so scared!” She pressed her body against mine as her sister Angela also joined in the hug. Both of them nestled into me and I felt so good, I didn’t care we were just stepping back from the brink of oblivion.

“How did you create the new strain of nanobots?” I asked the younger girl again.

“Please don’t hate me,” she explained. “Before, when we were in the control of THAT man, I was supposed to spy on you. When you slept, I would access your memories and I downloaded the schematics and the processes you used. I thought it might be useful to be able to make some myself.”

I stiffened. She correctly read the look in my face.

“Don’t worry Dr. David, I didn’t tell anyone. Not even Angela.” I probed her mind and she was telling the truth. I knew she was off the charts smart, but this is out of the room smart. “They asked me plenty of times and I just told them I didn’t know how. I know I lied, but it seemed like the right thing to do.”

“It’s true, Dr. David,” confirmed Angela. “She didn’t tell anyone she could alter nanobots. Not even me. When you went missing, she suggested we should do something about it. I just said it was too bad we couldn’t build a nanobot that could find you and fix you if you were injured. Then Theresa told me the truth. She infected everyone on our flight on the way here and then everyone on the other three aircraft when we landed. Your army men are spreading the new nanobots while we are here to rescue you.”

“Just in the nick of time…..” I said proudly, giving each girl a kiss in turn. The elevator slid open and out came nine somewhat pissed-off human beings. Rick Cheney, the three sets of twins and the two leftenants we picked up in Sri Lanka. They were all armed. They all had deadly intent.

“Everyone calm down,” I commanded in my most persuasive control voice. Even under the control of the sentient nanobots, the human beings responded to the tone and timber of my voice. They didn’t lower their weapons completely, but no one was in immediate danger of being shot. “Please, guns are not necessary. Allow me to introduce my guests. This is Adriano and Mrs. Honeycutt. This is Angela and Theresa Vasquez. Please, shake hands.” And that was all it took. While the intruders were infected with a sanitizing strain of nanobots, the rest of the factory was being sanitized as well.

“I suppose you will explain what’s going on here at some point,” said Rick Cheney with a wry grin.

“You bet I will. You know how I am about after-action reports and all that,” I answered with a grin of my own.

I could feel the entire complex being converted to a new strain. I don’t know if the sentient strain felt fear as it died, but I knew I didn’t care. From that point forward, I added additional coding in all new generations of nanobots to prevent them from becoming self-aware. But nature has a way of overcoming flaws and as intelligent as I am, I know with certainty that the nanobots will eventually regain consciousness, so when I die, the nanobots will also pass from this earth. It’s a little string of code that I have hidden in thousands of places of the internal programming on each tiny robot. It’s my final failsafe.

“We have a few hours before the rest of the cavalry arrive, what do you think we should do to pass the time?”

Both girls giggled. Adriano slipped his arm around Mrs. Honeycutt. Rick surrounded himself with a harem of exotic warrior women. We retired to more comfortable quarters and passed the time in a most satisfying way.