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Broken Birds, Part 36, Love Child

2023-01-24 00:08:12

Part 36
Love Child

Michael picked her up and placed her on the bed. Though she looked frail, Kelly was muscled and surprisingly heavy. Michael took Kelly’s face in his hands and kissed her gently. Kelly’s body responded with passion and need.

He pushed her onto her back. He kissed the hollow of her neck inhaling her fresh scent. He squeezed and caressed her small breasts with their pale, hard nipples. His fingertips grazed over her body causing her nerves to resonate and her breath to shorten.

Butterfly kisses across her taut belly. After an eternity for her, he reached her sex. He lifted her leg and stared at her engorged labia and inner lips, already parted with excitement. He knew she was on the ragged edge of control.

He slurped and parted her lips from bottom to the triangle of joy with its shy clit. He watched her clit grow as it felt his hot breath.

He worked two fingers into her opening, feeling the tightness, hoping he would not hurt her.

Kelly silently gripped the sheets in an agony of need. She held her breath.

Michael turned his hand palm up and began to caress spongy top of her love canal while simultaneously sucking her clit. His tongue gently lashed her clit.

Her body stiffened.

Michael gently bit down on her clit.

She exploded, screaming “YES” over and over.

Her muscled legs snapped around his head. She snapped up into a sitting position. She held him to her pussy with steely strength.

He kept lashing her clit and caressing her tunnel. He began to insert a third finger. He felt her pussy spasm over and over.

Kelly screamed unintelligibly, lost in a world of pleasure.

Though he’d trained to hold his breath for minutes, Michael began to worry about running out of air.

Finally Kelly’s legs relaxed and she released her death grip on his hair.

He slid up her body and gave her a very wet kiss.

He held her waiting for her to finish her journey of joy.

After a time, her eyes focused. “I never dreamed,” Kelly said in a dreamy voice, still very deep in her well of pleasure.
Michael moved her to his chest, knowing that it was time. He grabbed some lube and lubed his cock. Normally the women would use their mouths, but Michael knew Kelly could not wait.

Michael’s hands parted her legs. His hands pushed her shoulders gently. She started to rise.

“Honey stay flat,” he said. She understood. She squirmed down his body. Her hand squeezed his cock, feeling the lube. She realized the reason for the position Michael had chosen for her. She fitted his cock into her tiny sheath, thankful for Michael’s preparation.

Music filled the room. Michael’s hands showed her hips how to move to minimize any pain. He underestimated Kelly.

She levered up, easily holding her chest above his with her strong arms. She began to rotate her hips in time with the music in a sensual dance of lust, gradually impaling herself. Even as she concentrated on his shaft, the position caused her clit to grind against his pelvis sending excitement coursing through her.

By the time she was fully impaled and sat up, she was near her climax.

As she danced on his cock, Michael claimed her clit. She started to tremble and shake, holding her breath.

His thumbs began to caress her clit in opposite directions.

Her orgasm burst through her body. Her legs snapped tight to Michael’s hips.

Her fluttering muscles sent Michael over the edge, shooting his seed deep in her.

She screamed, “I BEAT YOU!” then, “I WON!”

As they sipped champagne, Kelly found her peace. She’d denied her own nature when she had assumed the guise of a fearful victim. She hated the cowardice she’d had to feign to protect her sister.

She took Michaels hand and placed it over her heart. She took the commitment ring off her right hand and placed it on her left.

Several weeks later a video arrived in the e-mails of her friends, her company and news stations in New York City.

Her beautiful green eyes sparkled, “I’m Kelly Simpson. Some of you have called me a hero. I am no hero. I’m a fool. Ten years ago I was gang raped. I hid it to protect my family. I played the coward and pretended it never happened. The animals that raped me also gave me a disease that has now made it impossible for me to carry a child.

I never sought help. I never sought counseling. I never went back to the doctors. If I had, I would have healed many years ago and would never have let the disease rob me of the chance to carry my own baby.

I used the hate and pain from that day to fuel my fighting. Each time I entered the ring, I loosed the beast. And each time I loosed the beast, I lost a part of my soul.

I am now retiring from fighting. I no longer want to loose the beast. I want to kill it. I want to be free of the hate and pain.

I have put my company into a trust to help rape victims get the help they need. For now, I just want to be left alone to heal. The addresses to seek help are at the end of my message.

To those of you who have suffered the hideous reality of rape, seek help. Now. Today. Don’t be a fool like I was.

Reclaiming your life is a road filled with agony. I know because I’m traveling it now. You have to take it. Animals that rape want to ruin your life. Don’t let them win. Beat the bastards.

A website link appeared. It had every resource Tim had been able to find, sorted by geography.

The video went viral before the news stations even aired it. Reports of rape multiplied geometrically. The volume of inquiries nearly swamped the website. Tim had been right.

She became a worldwide heroine.

It didn’t take the news organizations long to reach the town where Kelly had been raped. Like piranhas, they descended on the police and the high school, digging for the real story.

They found a pattern of systemic rape and cover up. At least a dozen victims came forward.

For nearly two weeks news stations broadcast the horrific details, many of which arrived via an anonymous IP address. Pictures, names, dates and accounts were verified. Tim had been very thorough.

A 25-year-old housewife died from an intentional overdose after being questioned by the state police. She had helped in Kelly’s rape. It was her freshly fucked pussy Kelly had licked.

The information kept coming. Most of the state police eagerly waited for the next installment. One man dreaded it. He’d been captain of the wrestling team. He’d also taken Kelly’s ass cherry and ripped her sphincter horribly.

He ate a bullet the day Internal Affairs came to question him.

Kelly’s volleyball coach had been the ringleader, manipulating minor teen disputes into hate filled attacks. The youngest victim was 15, the oldest 27. It matched the coach’s tenure.

He disappeared the day before he was implicated. It took him two days to die. He was eaten alive by wild hogs. They never found his body.

His wife and two children left town shortly after his disappearance. They were national pariahs.

The son of a local politician was found with his cock stuffed in his mouth impaled on a metal signpost.

A trauma counselor came to town, ostensibly funded by Kelly’s trust. The other victims were given free access. Local doctors gave free medical care to the victims.

In total, more than thirty men and women were implicated over a twelve-year period. Charges were brought against fourteen. The legal statute of limitations had run on the others, including those that attacked Kelly.

Tim made sure the public scorn would never run out. He’d set up a system of flags to track each animal. If a rape happened within 50 miles, the police were notified of the presence of a sexual predator. Their lives became living hells. They were shunned and tormented mercilessly. They found it impossible to hide in the information age.

One of the victims had been related to a Captain in the State Police. He was a bit more direct, finally understanding why his niece had ended her life. Word went out. Three of his niece’s attackers disappeared. Two ran. Anonymous e-mails followed them. So did the Captain.

Tim received a strange e-mail from one of the girls implicated in Kelly’s rape. He’d been unable to positively connect her, so he had not sent her details.

I am guilty. I helped them rape Kelly. I tried to ease her pain, but I did not try to stop them.

I will gladly end my life if that is what she wants. But before I do, I wanted to make an offer. She said a disease had claimed her ability to carry a child. I am a nurse. It sounded like her ovaries still work. If they do, would she consider me as a surrogate?

Please tell her that I beg her for forgiveness. If I can ease her pain in any way, I swear I’ll do whatever she wants or needs.

Please tell her that I was initiated the year before she was, so I do know how she feels.

Michael went to see Alice when he got the forwarded e-mail. Tim also sent the material he’d amassed on the woman.

“Jesus Christ!” she said after reading the e-mail.

She knew all too well that Kat’s second pregnancy would prevent a third. Jan now carried Shoshana’s child. The third try had been the charm. Shoshana was beyond ecstatic.

Even if Jan would agree to be a surrogate, she might not be able to, thoughher first pregnancy was going well.

Jennifer had finally conceived, but she was nearly 40 and it would be a stretch for her to carry Kelly’s child.

Alice and Rafaela were not able to carry a child to term.

When Lynne, Maria and Nita left, they took the baby factories with them. Those factories were working overtime as collectively they now had five children and another on the way.

Alice and Michael went through the material carefully. They realized this was Kelly’s decision.

They found her on the leisure pool deck. When she saw them coming to her with serious faces, she stood up and met them half way. She never shied from trouble.

“Let’s sit down, Honey.”

“Do you remember a Barbara Pearson?”

Her eyes blazed with fury. “I remember the bitch. She was one of them.”

Alice noticed there did not seem to be hate in her eyes.

Alice looked grim. She had a choice to make. She could help her patient, lover and sister or kick Michael out and turn this into a session and preserve her ethics. She compromised.

“Honey, do you mind if I tell Michael something you told me in session?”

“Go ahead.” Kelly looked confused.

“You said someone tried to lube you before the men penetrated. You said it was a woman.”

Kelly nodded, “Barbara?”

Michael nodded grimly. He handed her the forwarded e-mail.

Kelly knew she’d have to go outside the harem to find a surrogate. The laws made it chancy as well as the birth mother could claim the child.

“What do you think?” she asked Michael.

“According to Tim, she was never mentioned by any of the other victims. He confirmed that she was raped a year before you.”

“She was the one who liked the boy I dated.”

“I don’t think that’s why you were raped, Honey. Your volleyball teacher set the rapes up. He set up his team each year from the men’s teams. Then he’d tell a girl you said or did something to get his female helpers. I don’t know what he said you said or did. Tim probably does, but it really doesn’t matter because he was going to make it happen with his male team no matter what.” Michael explained.

She shuddered. How could someone hate me so much?

She hadn’t realized that she’d said it out loud.

“To him, you were just a piece of meat. He didn’t hate you.” Alice said more forcefully than she intended.

“What do you want to do with Barbara and her offer?” Michael saw the haunted expression in Kelly’s face.

“I need to think about it,” she said and went to get a drink.

Michael went through the files carefully. He needed Tim’s evaluation of the woman. Kelly’s celebrity could be a powerful draw to people wanting to bask in reflected light. Also, with the laws as they were, they could be subject to blackmail once the fetus started to grow.

He sent his questions.

Two days later, Tim sat in a rented car outside Barbara’s home. It was a meticulously maintained small non-descript house. It reminded him of the Burkett house.

She answered immediately since she’d seen him sitting in front.

“Ms Pearson, I’m Tim O’Donnell,” he said handing her his card, “I’m here about the e-mail you sent about Kelly.” His other hand held a laptop.

She had shoulder length light brown hair, an oval face, small nose, high forehead and oval mouth. She had small, probably C cup breasts and hips slightly wider than her torso. Her body showed she exercised regularly.

“Please come in,” she gasped, taking him to the kitchen table.

Before he could sit, “How is she? Is there anything I can do? I swear I didn’t do anything but try to lube her. I’m so sorry.”

He held up his hand kindly. “First, Kelly’s fine. She knows about your offer and she knows your part in her rape,” Tim’s eyes turned frightening, then snapped back to neutral.

“Kelly is very special to me. She wanted me to talk with you before making a decision. One of her ovaries still works. The Gonorrhea got to her uterus, so she’s unable to carry a child.” He saw horror in her pale blue eyes.

“If she were to agree, you’d have to travel to her. She lives quite far away. With her celebrity, she now lives in a compound with a family I love. There have been quite a few threats on her life, so during the pregnancy, you would live in a very closed world. Could you do that?”

“There’s nothing here for me. I’d welcome some solitude.”

“I won’t lie to you. Kelly is desperate to have a child with her man. The man is a good friend of mine. He wanted me to see if this is some part of a scam to get pregnant and then blackmail them with the child.”

Tim watched her carefully. Her eyes showed hope and then offence.

He smiled. “People are my business. I had to look you in the eye and see if you were who you say you are.” He paused, making his decision, “The compound has a trauma counselor and its own concierge doctor. These are the records the doctor wants. We can do the tests there if you don’t have the records. You’ll be staying in the guesthouse.”

He paused seeing confusion in her eyes.

He opened the laptop and clicked “Play”

Kelly’s sparkling eyes lit the screen. “Hello Barbara. Thank you for your offer. I hated you and the others for so long, it almost made me do something that I would regret for the rest of my life. I know you tried to help. I now realize nothing could have stopped that horrific day. I’m told that most of those animals are either in their own hell or roasting together on the other side.”

“You endured the same pain and humiliation. Tim says that you’ve never gone for help. We have help here. Many of us are rape survivors. We’re not victims because we won’t let those animals ruin our lives. Don’t let them ruin your life.

You’ve offered me the most precious thing in my world and heart. I’m begging you to come to me, to bear my child.

I swear we’ll help each other. Come soon. We’re waiting.

“When do we leave?” she said decisively. Kelly was right. She’d let those animals win.

Two weeks later, she left, still filled with guilt and horror. Now, though, she had hope.

Jennifer met her in the Sydney airport. Jennifer liked her. Barbara knew her medicine and was a Physician’s Assistant, but still referred to herself as a nurse. Self- deprecation went over well in Australia.

She would also be a godsend as Kat was about to pop and Jan would not be far behind. Jennifer had been using temporary help over the past several years after Nancy had died. Jennifer worried about both deliveries and she was pregnant. She’d arranged to have an OB/GYN to come, but having an experienced PA would be enormous help. Jennifer told her about the situation.

Kelly and Michael met them at the heliport in the compound.

Jennifer led Barbara to them.

First he hugged Jennifer close.

“Hello Barbara, I’m Michael,” he held out his hand.

Barbara searched Kelly’s eyes. Kelly hugged her softly, “Welcome home.” Barbara started to cry.

“Where’s the harem?”

“Lap pool,” Kelly replied.

Half an hour later, Barbara surfaced, sputtering. The sound of laughter filled the poolroom.

Twenty-four hours later Kat went into labor.