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Erotic Best Friend

2023-01-09 00:30:09

I was born one of a set of twins. I wouldn't say that Paul and I are good looking in any way. We are average guys that more often than not have no dates on Friday Night. We were both tired of this arrangement and decided to do something about it. It actually was Paul's idea. He brought to my attention that we just needed to plunge ourselves into a tight hole. Any hole would do... Paul said that if I loved him, I would let him plunge deep inside of me. I was not apposed to the idea as long as I could reciprocate.

He asked me to dress in women's clothing. I went to the second hand store and picked up a sexy evening dress and matching pumps. I shaved my legs and placed a blonde wig on my head. I even went so far as buying a bra and stuffing it with jelly boobs. I walked out into the living room with my female attire, and my brother Paul was blown away. He was simply speechless.

He looked as if something got caught in his throat. I sashayed toward him like I had seen so many women do before. He asked me to sit down and he placed his hand on my knee. I felt my balls tightening in the silk women's panties I had under the dress. His hand traveled up my leg. I tried to slap it away saying that I was not that type of girl. He didn't seem to listen and before I knew it he had his hands on my silk panties. He stroked my thinking rod and I agreed to take his into my mouth. I licked my brother's cock and got it very hard. He had pulled off my silk women's panties and was sniffing them.

I pulled up my skirt and allowed him to bend me over. He plunged hard and deep inside my tight ass, his balls slapping against the back of my legs. Initially it really hurt... the sheerness of the pain penetrating deep inside me. And then... the pain turned to pleasure. I reached in front of me grabbing my own hardened cock. My hand chocked my cock as he rode me hard.

He slapped my cheeks a few times, and I yelled in pleasure. His hands reached around to my chest and he squeezed my fake boobs. The material moved against my real nipples causing them to become erect with pleasure. His orgasm was fast and hard, pumping his seed deep inside my dark hole. We were both a little surprised by how much pleasure we had been missing. By how much pleasure we could provide each other!

He promised that next Friday was my turn. As I worked throughout the week, others in my office knew I had gotten some... it is amazing, but women seemed attracted now that they thought that I had bagged another women... if they only knew! I had started fantasizing about having a chick dress in leather for me... tight and confining. I wanted to whip her ass and have her orgasm. Perhaps, I would have my wish cum true...

I called my brother and told him about some of the office women. It sounded too good to be true for him. He just couldn't believe that it was so simple to get laid. I asked two of the women to my home for Friday night telling them that my twin brother and I were into kinky bondage. They seemed eager to participate. So on Friday, the two women showed up. I showed them the basement and told them they could change in the outfits provided. My brother and I also dressed in leather, making sure we wore masks. I told them that my brother was "unable" to attend, but my best friend and occasional lover was available.

The girls didn't seem to care and were ready to play our dungeon game. The outfits I had chosen fit their bodies tightly, causing their tits to swell out of the tight black leather top. Paul and I hand cuffed their hands and let them swing for a few moments. He reached down my front and started to play with my swollen cock. I was more eager to drive it deep inside of him than I was one of the women.

I kept thinking it may have been a mistake inviting them to our private sexual session. But then I saw the eager hunger in his eyes. He wanted pussy. He wanted to feel their tightness around his hard cock and fill their vessels with his seed. And in a way, I was also eager to do the same. I stopped on of the girls and checked if she was ready. My fingers slipped between her exposed lips and I plunged them deeply into her hot wetness. She was more than ready, she was primed.

She squirmed with delight as my fingers continued to stroke her. She moved her hips humping my fingers. I pulled them out and showed her my member. My brother followed my own actions, unzipping his own fly and pulling out his beautiful cock. I looked over the girls and said I wanted them to kiss each other. They eagerly pulled the other closer and started swapping tongues. Their hands traveled over each other's firm tits and they ground their pelvises together.

As my brother watched, I took his firm member inside my mouth and started sucking. I knew it was driving him crazy, watching the girls enjoy themselves as I was enjoying him. The women stopped and by brother unhooked them. They didn't seem concerned that I was sucking another dick. One of the women maneuvered herself between my legs and started sucking on my erect cock. She played and teased my balls, pulling them and pumping them in her soft small hands. I couldn't hold myself in check as I exploded in her face and as my brother exploded in mine.

I sighed in pleasure... I wondered how I had prevailed so long not feeling... not experiencing that wonderful escalating sensation for so long! The other women pulled my brother's cock away from me and started stroking it as he kissed her. The women who had sucked me off started doing the same.

My brother and I eagerly bent the girls over and pumped our hard seaman loaded guns deep inside their wetness. Cumming for the second time that evening, escalated the sensations we had felt during the first. We smiled at each other as we both exploded, knowing that the moans of pleasure from the girls would be a true sign that our weekends of loving would only spread... we would never have days of wanting... and to think, it started with just reaching out to each other and providing our cocks with a wet hot safe haven for sex!

The End.