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Bus Ride - Part 3 - Training Begins

2023-01-18 00:32:18

This is a fictional story of the enslavement of a plump lady by some vulgar men who wish to keep her as their slave and play out their individual fantasies. The story contains scenes of violence, cruelty and rape. Please be warned.

This is a continuation of Bus Ride – Parts 1 and 2.

I welcome all comments, both positive and negative, on my stories or please feel free to email me on [email protected].

Bus Ride – Part 3 – Training Begins

“I said Hello!”
Gaby felt a hand on her shoulder and she awoke with a start and peered up at a girl in her twenties with dirty blonde hair. “I’m Mary!” She smiled down at Gaby. “I brought you some breakfast and then I’ll prepare you for today.”
“What……………….what…………….are you………..!” Blurted Gaby confused and tried to lift herself off the bed but felt the chain tighten around her wrist as she did.
“Here let me get that for you!” Said Mary and leaning across Gaby’s plump body and undid the handcuff from her wrist.
“Thank you!” Gaby said and glanced over at the plate of steaming food on the dressing table. “Who are you?”
“Mary!” Repeated Mary. “I’m Paul’s girlfriend!” She said as if that meant anything to Gaby. “You met Paul!” She went on. “He hijacked your bus and brought you here for his Dad, Tom!”
“How can you be a girlfriend to such a monster?” Gaby looked disgusted as she spoke to the woman, looking her up and down as she did in disdain. Mary was in a micro mini skirt with pink stockings, the tops of which were visible where the skirt fell short of them. She also has a dirty white vest top that showed her bare midriff and was tight clinging to her thin body. She was clearly braless underneath it.
“Oh, don’t be daft, he isn’t a monster!” Mary smiled almost affectionately through painted lips. “You know you will get to like it here!” She handed Gaby the plate of food and a plastic knife and fork. “Yeah they don’t want you harming yourself!” She smiled.
“How long have you been here?” Gaby asked.
“3 years now!” Mary replied as she sat on the bed next to Gaby who was only dressed in a cotton T shirt. “C’mon eat up.” She encouraged.
“3 years? 3 Years?! What made you come here?”
“Like you I was brought here and was trained……………..!” Mary’s voice trailed off. “It was tough at the start but now I love it and I love Paul!” She stood and walked towards the doorway. Gaby noticed a red mark across the bottom of her back.
“What that? That mark?” She asked. Mary turned to look back at the plump Gaby.
“That’s my brand mark!” She said almost proudly and opened the door to the room. “Now eat up and I’ll be back in an hour to prepare you for the training.” Her smile dazzled as she left a confused Gaby. A large tear that seemed to come from nowhere suddenly ran down her cheek.

An hour later the door opened again and Mary walked in closing it behind her. She looked down at Gaby, the plate was empty and Gaby was lying on her bed in a fetal position.
“Time to start your day!” Mary smiled brightly and walked over to the set of drawers. She pulled out a pink body and hold up stockings. “Yes!” She muttered to herself. “These will do!” She walked back over to Gaby. “Shower first!” Mary said firmly. Reaching down she placed the cuffs around Gaby’s wrists and locked them then attached a chain and pulled gently. “C’mon follow me!” She said.
Gaby looked up at her sullenly and felt her arms being pulled by the chain. She knew she had no choice but to follow Mary and lifted herself off the bed.
“Right we’ll get a shower now and then get dressed!” Mary announced.
“We?” Gaby was still confused. “We? You said we?”
“Listen lady!” Mary’s tone suddenly changed. “We do things together in this house, whether it’s you and me, me and Paul, or Tom, or Ian, Or Declan or all of us………. or visitors.” As she was speaking she was removing her stockings and folding them onto a chair. Mary reached forward and undid the cuffs briefly. “Take off the T shirt!” She said firmly and once Gaby had complied and was standing naked in front of the other woman Mary refitted the handcuffs. Gaby watched as she was pulled towards the streaming water and Mary reached up to what looked like a hook in the ceiling and slotted the chain over the hook. Gaby felt the warm water cascade over her plump body as her arms started to ache with them lifted and held in place just above her head by the chain.

Mary smiled and stepped under the water. It was only as she approached that she noticed there were more marks on the girl’s body. Scars and welts were on her back and legs and her tummy had intricate marking that Gaby thought must have been caused by some sort of object. As soon as Mary was in the shower Gaby immediately felt the young girl’s soapy hands start to run down her back washing and caressing her as they did.
“I won’t hurt you!” Mary said reassuringly to her captive. “I am only here to make sure you are clean and ready for the lessons today!” At that point Gaby felt the younger girl’s hands reach around and slide over the plump breasts. And much to Gaby’s annoyance she felt her nipples start to harden!

Gaby’s breathing increased in intensity as she felt Mary’s lips brush the back of her neck in a soft kiss and she let out a light moan. On hearing this Mary’s hands closed on Gaby’s breasts squeezing them tightly which whilst being slightly painful was also extremely pleasurable. Gaby had never experienced the tender touch of another woman and wondered if she should be enjoying it, as she was, or not! Then one hand released her left breasts and slid down over her plump tummy and between her legs. “We need to make sure you are clean down here!” Mary giggled softly as Gaby felt the younger girl’s fingers probe inside her pussy lips. Again Gaby let out a moan and bit down on her lip to try to suppress the pleasure she was experiencing. The shower water continued to flow and Mary’s hands seemed to be everywhere now as Gaby rocked her hips back against the younger girl, feeling her warm body behind her.

Mary released her and smiled as she walked around to the front of Gaby looking her up and down slowly. Without hesitating she pushed herself forwards into Gaby and locked her lips onto hers sliding her tongue into Gaby’s mouth. Without thinking and feeling the younger girl’s breasts squashing into hers she responded to the kiss and within seconds their tongues were dancing in each others’ mouths. Gaby didn’t want to be doing this, she knew it was wrong but being chained to the ceiling by her arms she hardly had any option. And besides, the pleasurable feelings that Mary was producing in her captive were having all the right effects on Gaby and she could feel her pussy heating up as the young girl was sliding first two, then three, then all four fingers on one hand into her pussy. Gaby was breathing deeply and could hardly stand up knowing that her orgasm was only a few moments away but suddenly the door to the bathroom opened and the older Man, Tom walked in.
“Put the water off!” He said firmly and almost immediately Mary released Gaby from her hungry clutches and flicked the switch as the water stopped flowing. “Good girl!” Smiled Tom and Gaby watched as Mary knelt in front of him obediently. “Thank you Sir!” She purred without looking up. Tom walked around. “Tell the others!” He said firmly and a naked and wet Mary left the bathroom. Moments later the three men whom Gaby had been kidnapped by entered the bathroom.

“You like her Dad?” Said one man. “Like what we got you? Plump enough for you? Big enough tits?”
“Oh yes you did well Son!” Tom replied as he looked Gaby up and down again. “You did very well, she’ll fetch a good price!”
Good price? Gaby was now frightened again and confused? Good price? “Let me…………..go………….!” Gaby dared to speak before feeling a slap of Tom’s hand come down across her face and she felt her eyes well up with tears again.
“What was it I told you yesterday?” He glared at her. “Forgotten already?”
Gaby scowled at him but didn’t speak.
“You speak when I tell you to speak and not otherwise!” He turned to one of the men alongside him. “Take her to the basement and tell Mary to be there too!”
“Yes Sir!” Said the younger man and immediately released the chain from the ceiling hook. He pulled on it and Gaby followed, her body now trembling with a mixture of fear and the cold.

Gaby was cold and hungry and could feel nothing more than fear now. The fight had gone out of her body and she was now lying tied by the arms which were up above her head on a wooden table. The thick woolen hood that she was wearing was blocking her vision and tears were rolling down her cheeks.
“Spread your legs!” Came a firm command near to her face and she parted her legs moving her feet apart. “Yeah, that’s it, keep yourself spread open!”
Then she felt it, something being slid up her legs, she wasn’t sure but it felt wooden or leather. The she did feel it as the cane was quickly flicked upwards between her legs as Tom and his son’s along with Mary watched it hit Gaby’s pussy, tearing into her delicate sex. She jerked in pain and quickly clamped her legs together again trapping the cane in place.

Gaby tried to curl up onto the table, with the cane still between her legs, the pain shooting into her body. And Gaby cried and sobbed and moaned. She felt the hood being pulled off and was grabbed by the hair again and pulled back down onto her back. Her legs were spread again, her knees brought up straight by the men.
“You’re not finished yet, cunt.” Said one of the younger men, as he ran his hands up her legs until he got to her pussy. He ran his fingers through her pussy lips, already beginning to swell. “That’s the way your cunt should be, tender and wet!”
“And ready for raping!” Came another voice.
The man swung the cane again downwards this time, slapping onto her pussy flesh as the wood sank into her trembling body. She screamed and his cock twitched in excitement. “Yes, scream, bitch, feels like your pussy is on fire, doesn’t it.” He swung the cane again, slapping hard on her spread flesh again. “Feels good, huh, bitch, feel the cane tearing into your dirty fat cunt.”

All men now crowded around and watched as Paul kept telling Gaby to spread her legs through her own screams. He continued to slap the cane hard onto her inner pussy. Her pussy was throbbing in pain, the flesh already swollen. Mechanically, she tried to reach her hands down but they were tied.
“Mary!” Tom’s voice barked loudly. “Come and eat her cunt!”
Obediently the young girl came over and dipped her face to Gaby’s pussy and started to lick it out. Then another slap and another lick. Gaby was almost passing out through the sheer pain of the cane and the pleasure that Mary was giving to her.
She closed her eyes and prayed as she waited for the moment the cane would tear

“That’s a good cunt, let me see that nice pink pussy. My rock hard cock is going to fuck you soon.” Paul smiled as he swung the cane, his aim good, smashing into her pussy right between the lips. Another licking from Mary. Then another slap. They all laughed as she screamed, but she stayed in position, her pussy lips still spread open, waiting for the next blow.

“Now she’s learning.” Tom said satisfied. Paul swung the cane for the last time, smiling as it tore into Gaby’s flesh. Her screams rang out around the room as her body jerked on the table. Tom moved to the side of the table and untying her hand placed it onto his cock. “Jerk me off you worthless cunt.”

A tearful Gaby began to masturbate his cock, rubbing it gently. She knew his or someone else’s hand would soon reach out to her flesh, bringing forth new pain. It felt good for Tom, her soft hand rubbing his hot cock. Paul reached down to her pussy, pushing his fingers between lips, rubbing her up and down along her red raw slit. It was now swollen and burning, the cane having worked its magic on her flesh. “That’s the way I like it, nice and tight!” Paul purred. Two fingers pushed into her pussy, and a groan of pain emanated from her lips. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and pushed them into her mouth. “Taste your pussy, bitch!” He snarled pushing his fingers in and out of her mouth. Tom started to moan and Gaby felt his cock expand before it shot wad after wad of sticky cum over her large trembling breasts.

Paul walked back and in his hand was a black leather paddle. It was about 17” long and had air holes to reduce wind resistance. He was smiling as he looked down at her, her body was covered in cum as his brother’s stood either side wanking and watching.
“You don’t have to beat me again!” Gaby gasped. “I’ll do what you want!” She begged, her eyes wide open in terror. “Please no more pain!”
“Oh I know you will fat cunt!” He leered at her. “You will obey me! You’ll obey all of us!”

Gaby found herself being pushed back again onto her back. Her legs were grabbed and pulled forward. Her body jerked in pain as she slid along the table, the surface rubbing harshly over her soft skin.
“Up you go, cunt!” Paul pushed her legs up higher, towards her head, her pussy spreading out. His large cock was throbbing, only inches from her pussy. He slapped her pussy with the paddle, watching as she jumped in pain. “You like that? I do! I like it when you cringe in pain.” He pushed back on her knees, bending them back behind her almost touching the table behind her.

Gaby groaned in pain as her body was doubled up and split apart. Her pussy felt like it was going to split in two as her legs were spread so far apart and back. The paddle slapped against her pussy again, igniting the wounds the cane had already inflicted. She tried to squirm, but he held her body tightly. She felt his hand reach down to her pussy, pushing between her pussy lips, entering her pussy. She was dry and it hurt as he brutally pushed into her body, opening her up by force alone.

“That’s okay fat bitch, you can be as dry as you want. It will just make it even tighter.” Paul got onto the table, between her legs, his cock only inches from her pussy. He pressed down on her body, crushing her to the table, his hand fisting his cock and rubbing it up and down her pussy slit, hearing her pain. “Fuck her face!” Paul said and one of his brothers obliged by forcing his thick cock between her lips as she gagged on his meat.

Her body jerked as she felt the big cock rub on her bruised pussy lips. She could just barely breath, his heavy weight pinning her to the table, bent in two, unable to stop the inevitable rape of her body. He had to push harder, her body rejecting the large cock. His other hand grabbed the paddle and struck her ass hard.

Gaby screamed again but with a mouthful of cock it simply came out as a moan. She felt him push into her pussy with his big cock, the pain in her arse distracting her, letting his cock enter her pussy. Gaby cried, his eyes looking down at her as he slowly forced more of his cock into her body. He smiled, watching her face full of cock contort in pain.

“Fight me, cunt, go ahead, I like that!” Paul snarled down at her and hit with the paddle again striking her arse, forcing it up into the air and forcing her pussy onto the hard cock braced at the entrance of her pussy. The head of his cock popped into her pussy. It felt like a tight rubber band around his cock, grabbing at it, trying to force it from her body.

The caning had made her pussy swollen and her dryness prevented the cock from entering her painlessly. He had done it on purpose he wanted to rape a tight pussy. He wanted her to feel every inch of cock pushed into her, slowly and painfully.

Tears streamed down Gaby’s face as the big cock began to fuck into her. She closed her eyes to try to block out the pain of the rape. The slap of the paddle on her arse cheeks opened her eyes again to the pain of the rape. Then she felt the cock in her mouth start to empty and felt the sperm sliding into her throat. She coughed and gagged before swallowing it.

“Keep looking at me bitch!” Paul demanded. “I want to see you feel every inch of my cock as it rapes your pussy. Get used to having our cocks rape your pussy. This won’t be my last time!” He looked proudly across at his Father Tom.
“And my cock is going to rape your mouth, your cunt and arsehole and your tits.” Tom joined in as his Son Paul pushed with his cock, forcing another inch into her, her pussy gripping his cock tightly. He pulled back, his hand taking the paddle and slapping it hard onto one of her tits. Gaby jerked up trying so hard to fight but not being strong enough.
“Yeah, hurts doesn’t it!” Paul snarled slapping her other tit as another inch of his cock forced itself into her pussy.
She twisted her hips, but only succeeded in helping to push another inch of cock inside her. She looked down so see there was still over three inches of cock still outside, waiting to brutally rape her. Another slap on her arse with the paddle forced her hips up again, and another inch of cock rasped inside her. She felt her pussy spasm, tightening on the cock, forcing more pain into her body.

He slapped her again. “Tighten your pussy again like that!” He grinned “Yeah, squeeze it like that.” He pushed down onto her body again, crushing her to the table. “Can’t wait any longer. Gotta fuck you and fuck you hard now.” He pushed down with his hips, brutally forcing his cock into her body, plowing into her dry pussy. “You know you want it bitch!” He glared at a tearful Gaby. “Tell me you want it!”
“Fuck off!” Came her reply!
“Tell me you want it!” He repeated with a slap from the paddle onto her large breast. Paul now had eight inches of hard cock inside her.

She felt him push her legs further back, her knees almost touching the table to the side of her head, her groin spread open for him, defenseless to the cruel cock inside her. He began to pull his cock back, pulling almost half of his cock out, her pussy gripping it, almost feeling like she did not want to let it go. He pushed back in, forcing his cock back into her with one brutal thrust, tearing her flesh as it pushed deep into her body, the head of his cock bashing against her cervix. His cock twitched when he heard her scream, her body pushed into the table as he raped her. He pulled out again, this time six inches of cock pulled out before he pushed back in again.
“Tell me you want it!” He repeated looking down at her.

Her head shook and her body shuddering as the cock raped her pussy brutally. She screamed as the cock tore into her, tearing at her tenderness. She sucked in a breath of air just in time as he fucked six inches of cock into her, smashing into her like a train. She did not even have time to catch her breath before he pulled his cock out until only her pussy trapped the head. She braced herself for the inevitable rape back in.
“Tell me…………………..!” He screamed at her.
“Yes! Fuck yes I want it!” She finally conceded.
“Now, bitch, beg me now!” He pushed his cock into her pussy, forcing her to take all eight inches in one brutal thrust.

Her head raised up and the scream was torn from her lips as Paul raped her, pushing into her, tearing her tender pussy. She felt the paddle again, raising up her arse, forcing the cock deeper into her, the pain worse.
“Fuck me, please fuck me!” Gaby choked doing what she was ordered. She tightened her pussy onto the hard cock, the pain worse, hoping only to get it over with quickly. Her pussy felt like it was on fire. Her whole groin area hurt, first from
the caning, now the rape. Each time he fucked back down on her he pushed into her bruised flesh. “Please hurry, it hurts so bad.” She sobbed.
“You want me to fill your pussy with my cum? Beg me, beg me to cum in you?” He fucked her hard, pounding into her, forcing groans from her lips. “

“Please…………………………please……………….. cum in me! Please finish fucking me!”

He pushed his chest up from her, watching her large breasts bounce. He reached out and slapped them. First one, then the other, watching them absorb the blows. He continued to fuck into her.
“Squeeze the cum out of me bitch!” Paul groaned slapping her tits again. “I am ready to cum, suck it all in, cunt. You’re such a good slut. We’re going to enjoy raping you over and over again. Now make me cum.” He slapped her tits again.

It was almost over, the pain and the rape. She fucked him back, squeezing his cock as it tore into her. She raised her hips up, fucking the raping cock, squeezing, fucking, squeezing, anything to get the pain over with. She felt him push down onto her, feeling like he was going to push his cock out the other side. He jammed it deep inside of her, holding it there, twitching, ready to cum. She felt the cock getting bigger and then she felt him fill her with his cum. She could feel the hot cum filling her pussy. First one load then another as her pussy squeezed all the cum out of Paul’s balls, filling her full.

He pulled his cock out of her and stood up. He looked at her, his cum dripping out of her swollen pussy, her tits red, welts all over her body. She rolled over on her side, her knees up to her chest, clutching her groin.
“Take a the rest of the day off bitch, then we’ll start all over!” Tom said as he stepped up to her face. “Mary take her back to her room!” He looked back at Gaby. “I’m going to hurt you again!” He almost promised. “And then fuck you. This time my cock is going to rape your arsehole!” Tom laughed, already stroking his cock to get it hard again.