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Teachers Fun Part 1

2022-11-13 20:20:52

Teacher's Fun MC MMM/fff

Part 1

This story was originally written some years ago by Pagan. I have tried to find him to thank him for writing such a fine piece but to no avail. If anyone knows where I can find Pagan, or if Pagan himself should read this , please contact me through this site (drivercolt (at) y a h o o (dot) com ) so I can thank you and get your permission for posting the story.

I have made a few editorial changes to this story to suit my lustful tastes, and there was quite a bit of pedo content which I have removed. I hope the original author, Pagan, doesnt mind. I dont want to infringe any copyright or steal any of the credit or get in trouble with the authorities. This is a great story and I think it should be shared with all the fans of this kind of story once again.

I have written further parts of the story and will write more if there is some demand for it. (yes, I know I've said that for years and years about other stories. But I hope i can deliver on it. I think this is a wonderful premise and has lots and lots of depraved possibilities.).

Benny J

May, 2022


(M/f, M/g, oral, anal, mind control)

In the Beginning there was 'The Power'.

There was only one reason Don Dekker had chosen to become a college professor. It certainly wasn't the money, which was pathetic at his level, and it had a moderate amount of prestige but not enough to secure the kind of favors and special deals you hear about in the daily news by any stretch of the imagination. His education might very well have taken him much further into a much more lucrative career, but wouldn't have given him access to what he wanted the most. What he thought about night and day. What he needed more than anything in his sorry life. Young, nubile, pretty, flexible, teenage girls.

Cute little honey sluts in short skirts, no bras, tiny thong panties. Sweet little cuties with long hair, with their firm shapely legs and adorable little asses. Oh how he loved them, how he dreamed of them. Oh how he loved his hobby of peeking up their cute little skirts, how he wanted to finger their wet little cunsllits, how he wanted to lick and kiss their sweet, hairless little cunts. And yes, to drive his pervert cock hard up the sweet little cuntholes.

To say that Don was obsessed with young girls would be putting it mildly. He lived for nothing else but the chance to spy a little pair of panties, to sneak a feel under a girl's skirt, to actually see a delicious little pussy and to kiss it and lick it. He was one of the many men who went to college sport not to watch the game - he couldn't give a shit about the game. It was the cheerleaders!! The Texas Cowgirls were so FUCKING HOT in their little lowrise shorts. The USC Song Girls were spectacularly beautiful, flexible, well Nubile!. He would give a lot to get a few of them naked in his bed some time.

He had gotten in trouble at his previous school - a private high school - for sticking his hand up girls' skirts on the stairwell. He had gotten away with it for some time, and in the process had squeezed many a cute little bubble ass and had managed to cop feels of some really nice pussies, as recommended by a certain former President. Then one day, throwing caution to the winds, he pushed his luck just a bit too far. He had tried to get a certain fifteen- year-old girl's panties down for a little dirty fun with her.

The School Board, not wanting to make a fuss over the matter, simply fired him, but did not make his offense public. Some money paid to the parents and a guaranteed scholarship to the girl had luckily made that problem go away, and the school was glad to see the back of Don Dekker. Had they only known about his many other offenses, things would have been different. Like the time he took Tracey Brooks to the school basement and, with the threat of reporting a book she had stolen, got the child to strip naked and let him lick her all over. Or the time he had similarly coerced Hannah Bremer to take off her panties and give him a blowjob after school. Not that she was a stranger to blowjobs - she was known for it amongst the local boys which made her a popular girl to take on dates. But she wasn't known for giving blowjobs to any of the faculty.

Oh and we mustn't forget to mention Ivy Tessel, who was always failing tests, well he made sure of that. And each time she had to lift up her skirt and pull down her panties for him so he could play with her sweet cunt crack if she wanted to pass.

He had come close to being caught on that one. Really close. It was the fifth or sixth time pretty little Ivy had failed a test and stayed after school. He had gotten her panties all the way off and had her up on a desk at the back of the room. Her skirt was up around her waist, her legs spread widely apart, and he was sucking her cute little pussy when the door opened. Lucky for him it was the old, near-sighted janitor, who had peeked in for a few seconds, saw nothing, closed the door and left.

It was frightening and heart-poundingly close, but not frightening enough to keep him from sucking on the girl's delicious little pussy for another ten minutes.

This was all, of course, before he got 'The Power'.

After being let go by the school, Don happened one day to be in a Gypsy teashop reading a magazine. On one of the pages was an ad for children's underwear with a picture of a cute little teenage blonde girl in tight white cotton panties. Don's tongue almost hung out as he stared at the picture thinking how he would love to feel those little panties, how he would love to pull them down and see how nice everything was, how he would love to lick the little girl's ass and cunt. So engrossed was he in the picture that he failed to notice an old man sitting at the next table watching him.

When he finally looked up and saw the old man, he quickly turned the page and the old man smiled. When he again looked down at the magazine his eyes nearly popped out, for there, on the very next page, was the same girl bent over and holding up the back of her skirt to show her panty-covered little ass. It was unbelievable.

Don looked at the cover of the magazine and it was Good Housekeeping magazine. It had to be his imagination. He turned to the inside once again and gasped. There was a picture of a little brunette high school cheerleader. The girl was on her back with her pleated uniform skirt up around her waist. Her legs were widely spread and she was pulling her panties over to the side to show her moist, hairless cunt. The cunt was red and swollen, revealing evidence of recent sexual use.

Don heard laughter and looked up to see the old man approaching his table. He quickly closed the magazine.

The old man pulled out a chair and sat smiling at Don's table.

"That is quite a magazine. Is it not, my friend?" he said.

"I…I don't know what you mean…" Don stammered.

"All those pictures of teenage girls" the old man smiled "They are quite nice, are they not?"

"What pictures…" Don said defensively "I didn't see any pictures."

"You didn't?" the old man chuckled "I put them there just for you."

"Just for me? Don stammered, "I don't know what you're talking about. You're crazy."

"Perhaps. But I think the little brunette has quite a charming little cunt. Don't you?" he smiled impishly "I think a little cunt like that would be wonderful to kiss and to lick. Do you not agree?"

"I don't have to listen to this" Don said peevishly. "Who the hell are you? Just go away and leave me alone."

"Now, Now, my friend. Don't be angry. I think it will be to your benefit to listen to me" the old man said "I am Josef and I did indeed put those pictures in the magazine for you to see. You do not believe me now, but you will."

"I've never heard anything so ridiculous" Don said, "You don't really expect me to believe…"

"Turn to page 86" the old man cut him off.

Don opened the page and his mouth hung open. There was a picture of little Ivy Tessel holding up her school skirt in an all too familiar schoolroom. Her panties were down around her thighs and he himself was tickling her naked pussy.

"Wha…What…What…" Don gasped as he stared in disbelief at the picture "What is this…this is crazy…Where did you get this…I…I don't believe…who the hell are you…I…I never…never…"

"Oh come now, my friend" Josef smiled "Are you saying that you never pulled down that girl's panties to feel her cunt? Now who's being ridiculous?"

"You're with the police. Is that it?" Don began to sweat. "I'm going to call my lawyer."

"Oh, please. I am not with the police" Josef said "In fact I don't much like the police."

"Then this is blackmail" Don piped, terrified. "You managed to take this picture and you want to blackmail me."

"My friend. I never saw you before today" Josef said impatiently "I got the picture by searching your mind. I can do that, you know. I can do that and many other things. Now quiet down and listen to me. I promise you will be happy that you did."

Don sat back in his chair resignedly. This old man had the goods on him and he knew it. He was just a crazy old loon but he would have to indulge him. He didn't know how the old man had gotten the picture but it could be trouble.

"As I said. My name is Josef" the old man continued, "I am older than you can imagine. Let us just say hundreds of years old. You can believe me or not. That is not the issue."

Don stared, now fascinated.

"I enjoy life and living as I always have" Josef continued "Many years ago, I struck a bargain. With who is of no importance to you. That bargain permits me to age only five years for every hundred and to enjoy good health throughout."

"Five years for every hundred" Don almost snickered "Let's see. That would make you about…about…"

"Never mind" Josef glared "I can see you are doubtful. I promise that before the hour is out, you will not be. May I continue?"

"Sure, be my guest" Don smirked "I'm all ears."

"There is, however, a service I must perform each hundred years, on this date, to ensure my next hundred" Josef said "That service involves you. Or someone much like you. You see, I must give you 'The Power'."

"The power?" Don smiled "And exactly what power might this be? The power to turn aluminum foil into gold? The power to fly? The power to outrun snails?"

"You scoff, my friend, but you should not. I understand why you doubt me. I know I am telling you something difficult to believe. But do not joke about this." Josef glared "I have waited all day for the right person to come along. Someone with desires that cannot be easily filled. Like yours for those teenage girls. You do like the young ones, do you not?"

"You have no way of knowing such a thing," Don said defensively.

"Oh. But I see it clearly in your mind" Josef said, "I saw it the moment you came into my tea shop. That is why I put those pictures into a normal, everyday magazine. You have to admit that Good Housekeeping is not the place to find pictures of that sort, is it now?"

"Well no, it isn't" Don said "But you could have planted them there just to trap me. Just waiting for me to come in."

"And how was I to know you would be coming in?" Josef said, "I've never seen or heard of you. Oh, no. I saw it in your mind then saw it on your face when you looked in the magazine. That's how I knew you would be the one."

"So. This power" Don leaned forward "Suppose I believe you. What's this power and what do I have to pay for it?"

"'The Power' will enable you to have all the young girls you ever wanted. Even older girls if you choose. Any female you desire. They will all be yours to do with as you please anytime and anywhere for as long as you want."

"Of course they will" Don smirked "And how's that supposed to happen? I just walk out of here and take any girl I want?"

"Yes. That is pretty much it" Josef leaned back "All you will have to do is issue Commands with your mind. And your voice as well, though that will hardly be necessary. Voice commands will be easier for you at first until you have tuned your mind correctly. But that shouldn't take more than a few weeks."

"And they'll all do what I tell them," Don smiled, "no matter what it is."

"Quite", Josef said, "No matter what it is. Just think of the fun you're going to have. And you're a schoolteacher. What opportunity, my friend."

"And if I believe you, what is this going to cost me?" Don chuckled "Do I have to sell my soul to the devil?"

"Oh my," Josef chuckled "No. Nothing of that sort. That's the stuff of centuries-old tales. In fact it will not cost you anything at all. Once I give you 'The Power', I get another hundred years. That is all I want. See? We will both be happy. But you must first drink a very special cup of tea I have brewed. But do not worry. It is neither poisoned, as you are thinking, nor will it taste offensive. Quite good, as a matter of fact. On the other hand you could choose to not believe me, not take a chance, and just walk out of this teashop. You will return to your life and wont even remember being here. It's all up to you."

Josef stood and walked to a back room where Don supposed the kitchen to be. While he was gone, Don laughed to himself. He would humor the crazy old loon, drink the stupid tea and get the hell out of there. A part of his mind did fantasize, however, about how incredible it would be if it were all true. Just imagine. All those cute girls. All his. All the sex he could wish for. Damn. That would be incredible. He opened the Good Housekeeping magazine to page 86 again, and to his surprise, the dirty picture of Ivy Tessel with her skirt pulled up had gone, and was replaced with a more appropriate picture of a smiling woman cooking a roast dinner in an expensive kitchen.

"Maybe this is all true after all," Don thought.

Josef returned with a cup of tea and placed it in front of Don.

"Drink up, my friend," he said "And everything you desire shall be yours."

"O.K.," Don smiled, picking up the cup, "down the hatch."

Don drank. The tea was delicious and he drained the cup.

"There." he said, putting the cup down "I don't feel any different."

"But you are different, my friend" Josef smiled "You now have 'The Power'."

"O.K. that's just great" Don smirked "Well. It's been great meeting you, but I have to be going."

"Go quickly, my friend" Josef said pointing out the shop window "I believe you are about to get a parking ticket."

"Oh shit," Don said turning to see a female Parking Officer ticketing his car, "God damn it."

Don jumped up and ran out the door to his car.

"Hey lady. What are you doing?" he said, rushing up to the Parking Officer who was already placing the ticket on his windshield "Come on. I just put a quarter in that thing. Don't give me a ticket."

The Parking Officer turned towards him with a slightly blank look on her face, pulled the ticket from the windshield and tore it up.

Don couldn't believe it. These bitches never took back a ticket - especially when it had already been written. What was going on?

As the Parking Officer turned to walk away, Don's mind reeled. He had to try.

"Stop" he said to her, not wanting to take any chances.

The Parking Officer stopped and stared at him blankly.

"Give me your pen," he said. Safe enough.

The Parking Officer handed him her pen.

"That's a nice pen," he said "Mind if I keep it?"

The Parking Officer shook her head "No".

Don couldn't believe this. Could the old man have been serious? Did he actually have some kind of power?

"Give me five dollars" Don said.

The Parking Officer fished in her pocket book, brought out a five and handed it to him.

Don, still in disbelief, tried a clincher.

"I want you to go in that alley there" he said nervously "I want you to pull down your panties and piss on your ticket book and bring it back to me.

As Don watched in amazement, the Parking Officer turned and walked into the alley.

She returned in a few minutes holding the dripping ticket book, offering it to Don.

"No. You keep it" Don said, "You're just a stupid, ticket giving cunt, aren't you?"

The meter maid nodded "Yes".

"Say it" Don said.

"I'm just a stupid, ticket giving cunt" she replied.

This was incredible. Don had always wanted to get back at one of these bitches.

"Now, you stupid bitch" he smirked "I want you to buy a jar of pickles. Then I want you to go home, get undressed and stick a pickle up your juicy cunt. I want you to fuck yourself with it and then eat it. Do you understand? If you do, then say it to me."

"I'm going to buy a jar of pickles" she said "Then I'm going to go home, get undressed and stick a pickle up my juicy cunt. Then I'm going to fuck myself with it and eat it."

"O.K." Don said "Now get your fat ass moving and do it."

The Parking Officer turned and walked away. Don watched her turn into a grocery store and waited until she came out holding a small brown bag.

"Damn. It's true" he thought, "It's really true. I don't believe it. He really gave me 'The Power'. Holy Shit. I don't believe it."

Wanting to thank the old man, Don turned to go back to the teashop but to his amazement, it was no longer there. Where it had been was the alley he had sent the Parking Officer into. He had been too engrossed to notice. He looked up and down the street to be sure, but there was no teashop.

One can only imagine the thoughts that raced through Don's mind. He had 'The Power'. He actually had 'The Power'. Things would be different from now on. Very different. He rushed to his car, anxious to try it out - more anxious than he had ever been to do anything before.

He drove up and down the streets looking for an opportunity, his cock stiff with anticipation, until he saw her.

The girl was about nineteen. Probably a young secretary, short stretch fitted dress. He would have preferred one a bit younger, but didn't have the patience to keep looking. This one would do nicely. She was pretty, her tits a little bigger than his taste, but slim and with long glossy blonde hair freshly brushed and reaching down her back almost to the waist. He opened the passenger side window and pulled up next to her as she walked.

"Excuse me, young lady," he said when he came alongside her.

The girl looked at him.

"Come here. I want to talk to you."

A blank expression came over the girl's face as she approached.

Still in disbelief, despite what had happened with the Parking Officer, Don tried to be careful.

"What's your name, honey?" he asked.

"Sally" she answered.

"Well Sally" he said "I want you to sing 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' for me."

When the girl began to sing. Don's blood rushed with excitement. He had 'The Power'. He really had it. He could do anything with this young girl he wanted.

"Come in the car, Sally" he said, almost stammering "I want to feel you up."

The girl opened the car door and got in, her dress riding up her thighs as she sat on the seat.

'Oh, Sally", he said, "You sure are a nice hottie slut, aren't you?"

"Yes" the girl replied.

"Yes what, Sally?" he said.

"Yes, I'm a nice hottie slut" the girl answered.

"Now, Sally" the words almost sang from his mouth, "I want you to lift up your skirt and show me your panties."

The girl reached down, grasped the hem of her dress and brought it all the way up, exposing her white, lacey thong panties to Don's lustful eyes.

"Oh my, look at those panties" Don said, staring at the snug little panty-vee at the apex of the young girl's thighs "Why. I bet there's a very sweet young pussy in these panties. Isn't there, Sally?"

"Yes" the girl answered as if in a trance.

"Well why don't you spread your legs really wide, like a good girl, and show me how nice the panties fit over your pretty young pussyslit."

The girl raised her knees and spread them widely apart to display the tightly pulled crotch-band of her panties to Don.

"Oh my, doesn't that look nice?" he said "Now, Sally. I'm going to feel your panties all over and I want you to sing 'Happy Birthday' for me while I do it."

Don placed his hand over the girl's tightly pulled panty crotch and felt it excitedly as the girl began to sing.

It was unbelievable. He could feel the girl's pouting young cunt through the soft fabric of her panties and her singing for him made it even more exciting. He traced the clearly discernible line of her young pussy slit with the tip of his finger and tickled it up and down.

Oh. Sally" he said, "Look what I'm doing. I'm tickling your nice juicy cunt. Aren't I?"

"Yes", the girl said.

"Yes what, you little whore?"

"Yes, you're tickling my nice juicy cunt" the girl obediently replied.

"How old are you, Sally?" he asked.

"Nineteen", the girl replied.

"Do you know what I'm going to do now, Sally?" he said "I'm going to put my hand down in your panties and play with you really good. Now tell me what I'm going to do."

"You're going to put your hand down in my panties and play with me really good" the girl replied blankly.

"Now, Sally. I want you to keep your legs wide apart for me so I can have some dirty fun with your slutty little pussy. O.K.?"

"O.K." the young girl replied obediently.

This is too much," Don thought as he slipped his trembling hand under the elastic band of the girls thong and down between her widely spread thighs to feel her bare young cunt. He was pleased to find she had her mound completely hairless as so many girls did these days. "I can't believe this is actually happening. It must be a dream. Well. If it's a dream I'm going to enjoy it and I hope I never wake up."

Don ran his finger up between the young girl's pussy lips and tickled her nicely moist and youthful little fuckhole.

"Oooohhh. That's quite a nice little cunt you have there, Sally," he said as he played in the young girl's panties "And Oh. What a big pair of titties you have for such a young girl. Why don't you take out your titties and show me how big and juicy they are. Go on. Open up your blouse and let's see what a hot pair you have."

The young girl obediently unbuttoned her blouse and opened it to expose her tittie-filled bra.

"Go on, Sally" Don leered almost salivating "Pull up your tittie holder and let's see those nice honeys."

To Don's delight, up went the girl's bra and out came her titties, each capped with a big, pointy, pink nipple.

"Oh My. That's quite a pair of tits you've got there, Sally" Don leered "I think I'm going to suck on those nice big nippies and see how good they taste.

With his hand down in the young girl's panties, Don leaned over and gave each of her pink nipples a kiss and a suck, making them pop up nicely for him.

This was all too much for Don to deal with and his cock was so stiff and excited that he was about to cum in his pants. Something had to be done about that immediately.

Taking his pussy tickling hand out of the girl's panties, he unzipped his pants and produced his throbbing hard cock.

"Look at that, Sally" he said "That's my stiff cock and I want you to put your face down there and take it in your mouth and suck it. Go on."

Obediently, the young girl bent over Don's lap and began to suck his cock.

"Oh Yeah. That's it, Sally. Suck my cock" he croaked with incredible excitement, grasping her by her hair to guide her mouth up and down "Suck it good now, you tight-pussy little office girl slut. Suck it."

The young girl obediently sucked up and down on Don's cock as he reached over her to squeeze her wonderfully rounded, panty covered young ass. Don knew that the excitement was too great for him to hold for too long and, telling the girl to start swallowing, he began to orgasm and pump his hot cum into her mouth. As he came, the young girl swallowed with clearly audible gulps and when his orgasm finally subsided he had her lick his cock nice and clean.

"Why, you're quite a little cocksucker, aren't you, Sally?" he smiled.

"Yes" the teenage blonde answered.

"And I really like those pert titties and that nice little pussy. They're lots of fun to play with."

Don allowed the young girl to put her bra back down and lower her skirt. Turning to look out the back window of the car to see if anyone had been watching, he spotted three teenage boys flipping baseball cards and had a really fun idea.

"Now here's what I want you to do, Sally" he said "I want you to go up to those boys over there and ask them if they would like to see your juicy cunt.

I want you to tell them that if they go in the alley with you, you'll lift up your skirt and pull down your panties and let them see pussy and feel it all they want. Do you understand?"

"Yes", the young girl answered.

"Now, when you're in the alley with the boys and your panties are down, I want you to do anything they tell you to" Don said "I think that after they get their fingers up you cunt, you should get naked for them so they can feel you up really good. And then you can tell them you're going to suck their cocks for them. O.K.? They might even want to fuck you."

"O.K." the young girl answered.

"Go on now" Don leered "Be a good little slutty whore girl and do what you're told."

The young girl left the car and Don watched as she went up to the boys and spoke to them. He saw the boys' eyes go wide and follow the girl into the alley. Don laughed to himself, still dumbfounded and amazed at 'The Power' he now had and his mind raced with the incredible possibilities that now lay before him.

Don wanted to check that his power did work when he gave an order. He got out of the car and moved towards the alley as he did he thought to himself, "There was now nothing I can't have. No desire I can't satisfy. No perversion I can't engage in." There was no command of his that would not be obeyed. And girls. Oh yes. Girls. There would be lots of them and he would make them do things for him, to him. Nice things. Fun things. Dirty disgusting evil nasty things. He would make them become filthy little whores. Although it had just been sucked off, his cock stirred in his pants just thinking about it.

He stood watching the four young kids, by now the girl was naked, her dress in a pile on the ground. The boys had gotten over the shock and were busy playing with her cute ass, fingers rubbed her pussy and one boy's face was anchored on her nipple. The look on her face revealed her pleasure at their attentions, and Don realised he had unleashed a lustful monster in the girl.

She spoke to them and there was a flurry of activity as three sets of jeans hit the ground. The girl knelt on one pair, her mouth latched on to the middle cock as her hands took hold of the other two, this was too much for Don.

He had to experiment once more before going home.

This time Don set his mind on a nice cute one. Maybe a pert teenager with little tits the way he liked them if he would be lucky enough to spot one. As he drove up and down the streets he passed up several other opportunities. A college student perhaps eighteen years old in short-shorts - Daisy Dukes - with a really nice ass, a few fifteen or sixteen year olds and a mid-thirties mother with her teenage daughter. He was sorry he had passed that one up as he imagined getting them in the car, making them both undress and having them entertain him with a hot little girlie show on the back seat. A little mother-daughter pussy licking - that would have been fun to watch and he consoled himself with the thought, all this and more, later.

His mind was set. He hadn't played with a real little girl since he had been fired from the school. It took about twenty minutes of driving around and there she was.

She was really a little cutie - late teens, with blonde pigtails, perky little tits, fine legs, bubble ass, wearing a short pleated skirt, cute jumper. She was sitting on the steps reading a book in front of an apartment building when he pulled the car up next to her.

"Hey honey," he called to her out the window and saw the cutie look up "Come over here, honey, I want to talk to you."

The little blonde approached with the same blank expression on her face that the others had shown.

"Oooohhh. You're a cute little pussy, aren't you?" he said, "I bet you have the nicest little cunt. Come in the car, sweetie. I want to feel your little panties and have some fun with you."

The dazed teenager opened the car door and got in.

"Now tell me, little girl. What's your name?"

"Trina", she answered.

"And how old are you, Trina?"


"Oh, that's nice" he said, "I like eighteen. Eighteen is my lucky number, well it is today. Now, Trina, I would like to peek up your skirt and see your panties. Now, be a good little girl and lift up your skirt and show me what's going on under there."

The pretty girl reached down, took the hem of her pleated little skirt in her fingers and up it went to expose her lacy panties.

"Oh my, what cute little panties you have, sweetheart" he leered, staring lustfully at the girl's undies "Tell me, honey. Do you have a nice little cunt in your panties?"

"Yes" the girl answered.

"Yes, what, honey-pie?"

"Yes. I have a nice little cunt in my panties."

"Oh. I bet you do" Don smiled "Why don't you pull down your panties like a good little girl and show me your cunt? I would just love to see it."

Don grinned as the teenager lowered her panties for him and licked his lips when he saw her nicely plump and hairless cuntslit.

"Oh my, and what have we here? That certainly is a pretty little cunt you have there, honey," he leered "Now take your panties off and spread your legs nice and wide for me so I can have a little fun with it."

Don smiled, reveling in his new power as he excitedly watched the girl take off her panties and obediently open her thighs for his viewing pleasure.

"That's it, honey. Spread those legs nice and wide for me. Let's really see that little cunt" he leered, reaching down to fondle the girl's thigh and run his hand up the inside to tickle his finger in the tight slit of her teenage vagina.

Don tickled up and down the girl's widely spread little cunny, leaning over to lick the side of her blank face as he did so.

"Mmmmm. Ain't you just yummy," he grinned "Now how's about I have me a taste of that nice, plump little cunt?"

Don had the girl lean back against the car door and had her spread her legs as wide open as she could. He was fairly drooling as he stared at the hairless little eighteen-year-old cuntslit that was so nicely made available for his enjoyment. He wondered how many dates she'd been on that had resulted in guys getting to fuck that sweet tight little cunt.

Lowering his face between the girl's widely spread young thighs, Don kissed the delicious little cunt several times then ran his eager tongue up her tight young slit from bottom to top.

Although entranced, the girl began to give cute little squeals as Don's tongue lapped up and down between her precious little cunny lips, reveling in the forbidden taste of incredibly sweet, teenage pussy.

"Mmmmm. Good" he murmured, placing a hand under each of the girl's little ass cheeks and giving them a squeeze "Now, what say we give this cute little dumpling a really good sucking?"

Don placed his mouth over the girl's plump little open slit and began to suck on it, his tongue continuing to flick up and down her smooth, wet little gash. The girl squealed and wriggled her little ass in his hands as he sucked, lapped, and slurped her young cunny and gave a special squeal when he slipped a finger up between her ass cheeks and began to tickle.

"Oh man, is that good?" he thought, as his mouth and tongue worked between the little slut's widely spread thighs "Nothing like some really slutty young cunt in the afternoon.

Don's cock was now stiff and throbbing, so he sat up, opened his pants shucked them down a bit and took it out.

"Get over here, you fucking little whore" he said to the innocent child "You're gonna suck my filthy pervert cock and suck it good."

Don positioned the girl with her face above his stiff, twitching penis.

"Open up that cute little mouth, honey," he said, "I'm going to feed you a meat and cream sandwich."

Don slipped his stiff cock in the giel's open mouth and, with a few commands, soon had her sucking up and down quite nicely, the sight and noise reminding him of Hannah Bremer

"That's it, you little cunt" he grinned, "Suck my cock. Show me what a tight-panty, cock-sucking dirty little whore you really are."

The teenage girl obediently sucked up and down on Don's stiff dick, his left hand guiding her bobbing head as his right hand slid behind her and started playing with her cute little ass.

"Yeah. That's it. That's a good little cocksucker" he chuckled, slipping a finger up her tight little ass hole and frigging it lightly "Reach in my pants and stick your finger up my asshole. NOW!" Without a pause, she reached down and pushed her middle finger up his asshole. Don could feel his orgasm approaching. "Now I'm going to squirt lots of hot cream in your mouth and I want you to swallow it like a good little slut."

His orgasm now boiling up, Don pushed the girl's face down on his cock and held it there as he came in her little mouth.

"Go on, you little whore" he groaned with excitement "It's lunch time. Suck and swallow… Wiggle your finger up my ass. Suck and swallow it all. Dont let a single drop out of your mouth."

Don excitedly pumped a goodly amount of hot semen into the slut's mouth as she swallowed it all down with clearly audible slurps and gulps.

"Ooohh. That was good" he smiled when his orgasm was finished and he raised her head from his lap to see hot cum dripping down her chin "You are one cocksucking little whore. Aren't you?"

"Yes," answered the teenager.

"Yes what?"

"I'm a cocksucking little whore" she answered obediently.

"Good. As long as you know what you are" Don smiled "Now put your fingers in you mouth and suck them clean. You like the taste of ass from now on" There was a trace of his ass juices on her finger but she sucked on her finger like it was a sweet lollipop. "Now here's what I want you to do. Whenever you see a man alone in a car I want you to ask him if he can take you somewhere quiet, somewhere where you can suck his cock. Do you understand?"

"Yes" answered the child and Don grinned knowing what a very busy girl this gorgeous eighteen year old was going to be when she followed that instruction.

"Good. Now lick all that cum off your chin and you can go back to playing."

Don let the girl out of the car and drove off, grinning.


The new employer, St. Theresa's University, was two states away and the University Executive Board knew nothing of his previous record. And oh, the girls. They were the cutest ever. Since it was a private, religious based university, there was a dress code and it included that girls were to wear skirts or dresses, not jeans to college. Teenagers being teenagers, this meant they wore their pleated little skirts the shortest, bouncing up their thighs as walked, making them quite an eyeful for all interested parties and Don was certainly a most interested party.

He had several classes during the day with girls ranging in age from seventeen to twenty-eight and in each class there were at least four or five that were to die for. Absolute perv's dreams that made it difficult for Don to keep his cock from stiffening at just the sight of them.

After some remote suggestion to the school officials, Don managed to secure himself an office that was a bit removed from the others. One in which he was certain no one would interfere with his actions. Not that it really mattered because if anyone did all he had to do was put them under his control also. He would be totally safe to do as he pleased with his cute, tight-pussied students.

He had worked out a system. As far as their learning was concerned, all that would be necessary would be to order them to take in and remember everything they read in class. That would ensure their grades and would probably earn him "Professor Of The Year". He chuckled at this thought.

Arriving at campus for his first day, Don's cock was already stiff as he entered the lecture hall and surveyed all the nice little goodies.

His power still new, and him unbelievably excited, he needed his cock taken care of immediately. He surveyed the girls in the class, and picked out a few little hotties and arranged for them to have a one-on-one tutoring with him in his office, so he could make sure his cock and semen level was looked after.

An hour after the class was over, the first of the young female students knocked on his office door for her one-on-one session.

"Ah! Barbara Williams? Good! Come in." Don went over and locked the door so they wont be interrupted. He made a mental note to ask the college for a button on his desk so he could lock the door from there. "Sit down please Miss WIlliams." He indicated a chair for her to sit in and returned to his desk. "First we should get some personal details down for my file. Let's see. yes i have your name, address, contact number, email address, all good. I have your academic history, you're a very high level student, Barbara. Your scores were amongst the highest in the freshman intake this year."

"Thank you, Professor," she replied. Barbara was a slender redhead, shapely legs She tugged at the hem of her skirt, pulling it down a little so she didnt expose too much thigh since her legs were crossed.

Don flipped a cotrol switch in her brain that meant she would not be able to lie or avoid any of his questions.

Keeping her under his control, Don said, "There's no need to cross your legs, Barbara Spread your legs out so I can see up your skirt. Wider than that. Good. Now where were we. Ah yes, here we are."

"Barbara I'm afraid the college's entry questionaire doesnt give me much detail about your lifestyle, so I'm going to have to ask about that myself .. Do you have a boyfriend?"


"Just one?"

"Yes, of course just one."

"Well i think that's a bit of a waste isnt it?" Don reacted. "Such a hot and sexy girl like you should be able to handle 4 or 5 boyfriends. Not to mention plenty of other casual one nighters. How many times a week do you get fucked?"

"Two or three times a week on average, I guess."

"That's absurd, Barbara. A hot slut like you should be able to handle LOTS more fucking than that. Are you one of these old fashioned girls that wants to know more about a guy before she spreads her legs for him?"

'Yes of course! I need to know i have feelings for him first"

"OH for fuck's sake. Barbara, there's your problem. You are a hot beautiful girl But you are acting like you're some kind of royalty of something. That's thinking that went out of style a century ago. You can still love your boyfriend, but that doesnt stop you fucking anyone who likes you. You should be fucking at least 5-10 guys a week. And giving blow-jobs to lots more. You need to get with the modern world and be much more of a slut Barbara. Are you on the pill?"

"Yes of course I am!"

"In that case you have nothing to worry about. Guys can fill you with spunk and you wont get pregnant. I'm most disappointed in you Barbara. I want to see you again in 6 weeks, and I want you to bring a log book showing how many different men have fucked you, and on which days, same with blowjobs and sex with girls too. I want to see you being far more slutty. Is that understood, Barbara?"

"Yes, Mr Dekker."

"One more thing .. next time you come to see me, no bra and no panties."

Then he unlocked the door and ushered the young woman out. A good deed done for the world.


What should happen next? Will Don Dekker get to molest all the teenagers he wants? Will there be a catch to all this? Can he be a perverted old demon endlessly or will he be kicked out of the university?

Coming up in the next part .... the first meeting of AFOP - the Association of Filthy Old Perverts - where they gather girls after school and have all manner of dirty fun with them. Some fun on a beach, and of course more fun in the workplace, as the lecherous old pervert learns more ways to exploit his exciting powers.

Dont miss it!

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