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Keio - The Green pills

2022-11-06 14:18:36

“Get your body toned! Get in shape! Become the girl of everyones dreams!”

The commercial message had been hammering down hard on Keio’s mind now for months.

She saw the ad several times a day - on FB, via mails in her apps…

She had always, at least since her school-years (which weren't that long ago), had issues with her height and heavy set figure. She was aware of her own hang-ups.

Probably the algorithms of the different social network sites had figured out what ads to bombard her with. She KNEW all of this.

Still… she couldn’t help to not give it a thought. Those ads were always back there.. gnawing at her mind.

Keio had always felt she was a bit awkward. A bit different. When she started coming to age she thought it was because she started to develop later than all the other girls. But even when she started to grow into puberty, there was still something off.

Maybe it was because she was jealous of the other girls who developed before her, or developed ‘better’ than her? She looked at them with envy.

Keio also wanted to have big boobs, curvy thighs and a slim waist.

Instead… well, she got the boobs. They were pretty big actually… but they came in company of everything else also being big. Belly was round, thighs were too big. The other kids at school teased her for her “bubble butt”. At 15 she was only just over 5 feet ‘tall’.

What made it all worse was that she also was a very short girl. If it hadn’t been for her fat curves, one could almost call her petite. Small feet, small hands, cute girly face and big blue eyes. Kaio was actually pretty satisfied with most parts of her body … piece by piece. It was the total of her that she didn’t like.

Other girls had proportions. They had head-boobs-waist-butt- and… long legs.

That was probably it. The ‘total’ of her. Keio often felt like she was just a pair of boobs stacked on top of a bubble butt with thick, short legs. Anytime she was in a crowd or standing close to someone else, her face was always in chest-height of the other people around her. This made her feel even smaller and more insignificant and over the years she shunned away from crowds, and even from people in a way.

She liked her face actually. She had blonde hair, cute lips and eyes that could’ve come off a Barbie doll. But that was it… she only took selfies of her face. If one looked only at her face, she could easily pass for 14-15 years old. She had that innocent look about her.

Sometimes she tried to get face pics angled down and with some cleavage to them showing. But the cleavage only reminded her of her too heavy set body.. so she always deleted them.

When she was in a good mood, a positive mood, she reasoned - she would look great if she was just …taller.

Her interest in how the other girls looked became her obsession, more and more.

For many years Keio used this ‘issue’ of hers to explain, or excuse, her interest in other girls and their bodies. She was just ‘studying’ other girls bodies, to see in what areas she could improve her own. It wasn’t that she was getting pleasure from watching their curves, hips or thighs… surely not. But alas, she had to admit to herself that she got a little aroused from it.

It was only recently that she realized… it was more than that. Keio liked girls. Girls… turned her on.

The real insight and defining moment in Keios life came when she was 16. For many years she knew, but didn’t want to admit, that she was turned on by girls.

It all came to it’s summit one night after Keios best friend at the time, Anna, had gotten drunk after hanging out by the football field one afternoon.

Keio had had her eye on Anna for a long time. Anna had been in Keios class for several years and Keio had been studying her in all sorts of situations since … forever.

Most of her interest had come from seeing Anna grow and mature over the years in the showers after gym class. At first she was just a nice friend, one of the few that didn’t tease Kaio or drop any degrading comments about her body, her height or her boobs.

Many afternoons they spent together, before puberty set in, talking about life, love and dreams. Usually up in Anna's room on the second floor of her parents house. They’d lie on the bed, in each other's laps, playing with the other's hair and so on. They stayed friends, but as Anna's body grew Keios confidence diminished. Anna grew into the woman's body that Keio had always wished for.

She had of course grown taller then Keio, had perky, cute breasts and legs to die for. She was blonde like Keio but instead of long tangly hair like Kaio, who was always putting up to a knot at the back of her head, Anna always had the latest hairstyles.When this happened she was sporting a very strict bob cut. She looked like she was very much in command.

So Keio withdrew, secluded herself more. Now and then Anna would invite her to hang around or do things after school. But more and more often Keio found an excuse to not participate. Mostly because Anna's other friends were the in-crowd at school, and she could always feel the disapproving looks and snide remarks she would get. She liked Anna and didn’t want her to have to defend Keio against all those cool girls.

The only time Keio made an effort to hang around with Anna was when she knew they would be alone. And those times were the greatest. Their childhood friendship always sprung to life again and they could talk about anything. Keio loved to hear all those stories where Anna would tell about some guy she kissed or had feelings for. She was of course wishing that those feelings and kisses would one day come to her… but just being the one Anna confided in was warmth enough for Keio then. A few weeks earlier Keio had followed Anna home from school, Anna's mom had given them toast sandwiches. They brought them up to Anna's room and Keio had lingered… just being close to Anna made her happy. This had gone on for years now and something in Keio had stirred for a long time. Everytime she felt horny or got a feeling of loneliness, it was Anna, in her imaginations, that was there to relieve the stress.

Keios big dream then was to just give Anna a kiss on the mouth. They hugged often when they met and sometimes Keio even got a kiss on the cheek, but it never got close to a real kiss, or anything longer than a friendly hug of greeting.

This time Keio was on a mission. Maybe not a very well planned mission… but something in her loins had driven her to this idea. She could not let it go. She had to feel Anna's lips!

After finishing the toast the conversation had come into some guy Anna had a crush on, again… she was talking about him, and a kiss they once shared. Keio had asked what kind of kiss it was - how was she to know if the kiss was heartfelt or not and so on…

Anna was trying to describe the kiss with all the blunt details that she could think of.. she described the moistness or the lips, the warmth of the arm he held around her.. angle of the heads etc.

Keio played the fool and didn’t understand, only so Anna would describe it all over and with even more detail. Keio was loving it. Even though the whole story described Anna kissing some guy… just hearing her explain it, showing how her lips were, how half open her mouth was and such… pure joy for Keio to delve into and imagine. Keio was of course imagining herself as the guy and target of all the affectionate movements.

Eventually Anna got tired of having to explain the same thing in so many different ways to her doofus girlfriend that she just said:

-”Come here… I’ll show you!”

She moved up to Keio on the bedside, grabbed the back of her head and planted a kiss on her lips. Straight up! Keio was dumbfounded. Stunned…

-”Uhm.. uhm..ehm.. “,was all she could muster as she was licking her lips in amazement and surprise. Trying to savor the taste of her sweethearts fragrance left on her wet and hungry lips.

-”Like that! You know what I mean?”, Anna exclaimed in a matter of fact manner.

-”Oh.. I don’t know… was THAT really the kiss he gave you? You said something about an open mouth ..and some tongue action?”, Keio dared…

-”Yeah, alright.. the kiss was more than that. I just didn’t want to freak you out by sticking my tongue in your mouth. You know.”, Anna said.

-”Hey, it’s ok.. we’re friends. I don’t mind helping you out. But You gotta show me what it really was if you want my true input.”, Keio replied feeling for the first time in years as she was in the driver's seat!

-”Ok. Get ready then… this is for real.” Anna again grabbed the back of Keios head, but a little slower this time, she pulled Keio in and gave her a much more passionate kiss.. at first with closed lips, but quickly opened her lips, spreading apart Keios own lips. Keio could feel Annas probing, hesitant tongue delicately poking into her mouth. As if it was searching for her tongue. Keio was in a daze. At first she was paralyzed. Is this really happening? But when she felt her love's curious tongue enter her mouth she quickly responded and met her up.

Keio had never had a tongue kiss before. She’d seen it in movies of course, but it was a whole other thing to experience it for real!

Now that it was happening she didn’t want to miss anything. She let her tongue and mouth respond. At first by just reacting and following along with Anna's tongue. But very quickly Keios pent up sexual dreams got the better of her and she took over. Keios tongue was now in charge, forcing it’s way into Anna's mouth and grabbing the back of her head instead.

No saying what took hold,but in seconds the two young girls were making out wildly on Anna's bed. Keio was on top and pressing down Anna's head hard into the mattress. The kiss was much longer and deeper than Keio had ever seen in any movie scene.

Finally the kiss broke off.. Anna was gasping for air and quickly sat up. She wiped some of the excess saliva from her mouth and straightened out her shirt.. trying to find her bearings.

-”Wow! Well.. ehm… “ Anna sputtered… -”Yeah.. something like that. Maybe not that deep of a kiss”

Keio realized that she may have gone too far. She was even surprised at her sudden forcefulness. She was always the passive and timid part in their relationship. But this time teenage hormones had gotten the better of her.

She could feel the uneasiness in the air.

-”Oh, ok… was it maybe a shorter kiss then…?”, she managed to reply.

Anna managed to dodge the subject and the apparent sensuality that had entered between them. She rapidly ended the story of the boy's kiss and switched subject to something more mundane. Talking about tomorrow's schedule and an upcoming test that everyone was worried about.

Keio was happy that she managed to deflate the whole situation. She had gone too far and if it hadn’t been for Anna kissing her first there would’ve been no way to salvage this situation without admitting her feelings for Anna. Now she didn’t have to.

Everything had cooled down and they’d been talking about normal stuff for a while. Anna fell silent and abruptly exclaimed.

-”Man, that kiss we had… you’re a really good kisser you know. If (guys’ name) had kissed me like that I would have been lost forever. How did you become such a good kisser? You never tell me about your guys or dates or anything. It seems that you have quite some experience in this field!”

-”Ah, no, no. I was just trying to recreate the kiss you were telling me about. That’s all. Hope it wasn’t too much.”, Keio replied whilst hiding any real emotions she felt.

Relaxed by this comment Anna went on about how crazy it would be for them to really kiss, if it had been in a sexual way. Giggling and complementing Keios tongue technique over and over gave Keio the hint that Anna might very well have liked the kiss.

Keio played it cool and pretended like nothing. But inside she was rejoicing at Anna's every word. It felt like Anna had found her. They had shared a kiss and Anna had loved it!

Back home in her own bed Keio had warm and lovely dreams about Anna and the kiss they had shared.

Unfortunately they didn't manage to hook up just the two of them for several weeks after that.

In hindsight Keio concluded that Anna maybe was conflicted and purposely shunned away from her because of the kiss they’d shared. But then, Keio could think of nothing else but to get together with her sweet Anna again.

That is why Keio didn’t hesitate too much when they met again at the football field that afternoon.

Normally all the in-girls would hang out there, watching their football boyfriends training and talking smack about anyone who was not present.

This afternoon one of the girls had brought some schnapps or something to drink. Anna had managed to get the lion share of it all and was really drunk. Keio happened to be walking by when she got waved in by the cool girls.

Hesitant at first… when the cool girls sought contact with her it was seldom to her benefit. Usually they would just grope her boobs or butt and make jokes about how over developed and fat she was. But this time their beconnings seemed more sincere. They looked desperate!

-”Hey Keio! Come here! You gotta help Anna home!”

As she came closer she saw that Anna was half laying, half sitting on a bleacher. Drunk out of her wits… the girls were all nervous and spazzy. They were afraid that some teacher or adult would see them. No one wanted to take the consequences of this situation and Keio was a perfect relief for them.

-”You guys are friends and you live close by. Can’t you take her home and make sure she gets to bed?”

Keio agreed of course and the other girls helped Anna up.. coaxed her to Keio and put her arm over Keios shoulder. Anna was normally much taller than Keio but in this state she was slumped down… legs barely holding her up and hanging heavily around Keios neck.

-”Oh.. hey Keio… nische to schee you here… I’m a bit… drunk…”

The girls were eager to send them off and be rid of the problem. They supported Anna a bit, but as soon as she got off the training grounds they all vanished quickly. Keio was now alone with Anna. Half dragging the drunken girl. Stopping ever so often because Anna was complaining about her head spinning or that she wanted to puke.

By the time they had gotten closer to Anna's home she had sobered up somewhat. Still staggering and holding on to Keios neck with both arms.

-”NO! Don’t bring me home! My mom will kill me if she sees me like this!”, Anna whispered, as if it was a secret.

-”Can I sleep at your place? You can text my mom and say I’m staying at your place tonight?...”

Keio couldn’t believe her ears! This was something she had only dared to fantasize about, for years. Imagine having Anna in her bed! Together, under the covers.. just she and Anna!?

-”Yeah. Of course… no problem!”

Keios house was just a couple of blocks down from Annas. This meant dragging Anna for a while longer, but this was not a problem. While trying to hold Anna up and walking, or rather- staggering, she had to keep her arm around Anna and ever so often her fingers got a touch of sideboob. Keio often changed grip, just for the feels she could steal while doing this. But now… she was going to have her goddess of a friend sleeping over. This gave her new energy and she increased the pace vigorously! Very quickly she made her way home with Anna in tow.

It was no problem for Keio to drag home a drunken friend. Mom and dad always worked late and always left her to herself when they came home from work late at night.

She helped Anna to her room and slumped her down on her bed!

She got the drowsy Anna to unlock her phone so she could send Anna's mom a text saying she’d stay over here for the night.

Keio now locked the door to her room and beheld the pleasure in front of her!

Taking off Anna's boots and socks, flipping her around on the bed to get her jacket off… Keio didn’t really have any plan with this. She was just happy at the thought of having the center of her dreams staying over for the night. Anna was fast asleep already and Keio realized they would probably not have a long cozy night of girl talk.

But as she had taken off Anna's outdoor clothes whilst Anna only murmured in response she came to the insight that… Annas was hers now… she could finally quench her curiosity about Annas every sensual curve and crevice.

She drew the curtains. Not that anyone could actually see into her room, but it felt like she wanted some privacy for this.

Anna was lying on her back on Keios bed… arms straight up over her head and legs half out on the side of the mattress. Anna carefully pulled off Anna's shirt over her head, softly wrenched her arms through and flung the shirt on the floor. Anna had a purple bra with laces on. It had shifted enough to expose part of her right breasts areola. It’s never comfortable for a girl to sleep in her bra, Keio reasoned and unhooked her bra and sent it the same way as the shirt.

Now she had a topless Anna sprawled out on her bed! Those breasts looked so sexy. Not too big, soft and round. Not like Keios breasts that mostly looked like she had two big butt cheeks strapped on to her chest. Anna's mounds were much more sensual and delicate. The only movement was from Anna's breathing…

Keio leaned over, grabbed Anna by the waist wrapping both her arms around her and shoved her up on the bed, so her legs were no longer dangling over the side. In doing this her cheek came in contact with Anna's soft breast… maybe a little on purpose.

Unbuttoning her jeans.. carefully pulling down the zipper. Now a glimpse of Anna's underwear. Also, purple..also laced. Of course Anna had matched her undergarments.

It was more of a hassle to get Anna out of her pants. A lot of tugging at the pant legs, Keio had to get out of bed and pull several times from the foot end to finally pry the tight pants loose. With every tug she could observe the lucious bounce of Anna's bare breasts…

Keio could feel a strange excitement building up inside her.

She had a strong urge to also quickly pull Anna's panties off, but the reality check in her brian made her throw that urge aside. Not everyone sleeps in the nude.. panties are ok to keep on whilst sleeping, she reasoned with herself.

It was only early evening, but Keio decided that today was done and there was no reason to ‘stay up’. Especially since her bed company was already well asleep.

She quickly undressed and crept in under the covers with Anna. Keio decided to not wear any panties this night… She didn’t want anything to be in the way of getting close to her dream girl.

Finally she was lying down, beside.. her. Anna. She studied her face closely… it didn’t show that she was drunk or anything. She had a very calm and peaceful expression on her face.

Keio reached out. Caressed Anna's cheek with a finger…. just to touch her. To feel her softness.

Anna reacted with a faint smile. She was still asleep, but looked like she enjoyed the touch. Keio got daring… those lips.. those lips she felt during the kiss a few weeks ago. They were right there. So close, so soft. She let her finger creep up to Anna's lower lip. Just to feel it.

Anna's mouth opened slightly and she let out a soft moan. Keio let her finger slide along Anna's lower lip, and then to the upper lip. Probably by some reflex Anna was making motions with her mouth.. as if she was trying to kiss Keios finger tip.

Keio let her finger rest between Anna's luscious lips.. Anna's lips continued the motions.. sometimes opening them more, sometimes pursing them tighter as if they were hunting for her fingertip. Keio was ecstatic… she felt that this was pure love and pleasure. Anna was safe here in her bed. She was caressing her lips with only affection and Anna was in a dreamstate but seemed to appreciate it. Suddenly a tongue touched Keios finger and Anna's lips closed around her finger tip! She was now sucking on keios fingertip as if it was a pacifier. The warm feeling was amazing! Keio felt every part of her body shiver!

She didn’t actually push her finger deeper into Anna’s mouth, but she also didn’t stop the suction. Soon half of Keios index finger was in Anna's mouth and she was slowly sucking on it. Keio could feel Anna’s tongue swirling around her finger in there.

She was asleep, but her body was reacting instinctively on this appendix in her mouth.

It was an incredible feeling… and it gave Kaio ideas. She was aware that Anna was asleep and not in control of her actions… but … a goodnight kiss would not be totally out of order, would it? Anna had enjoyed their kiss a few weeks ago and even complimented Keio for her good technique.

Keio pulled her finger out slowly and let it rest on Anna's lower lip, keeping her mouth still half open. Anna's tongue was searching, coming out more and more.. looking for that thing she was just sucking on…

Keio moved up closer, put her mouth so close to Annas that she could feel her breath. Opened her mouth a little bit and shyly stuck the tip of her tongue out. Anna's probing tongue found it. Their tounge tips touched and she gave out a little excited gasp! Keio let it happen..she closed the inch between their mouths and let Anna's tongue get what it was looking for. It certainly didn’t feel like Anna was asleep, or she was having a very vivid dream of kissing. She was kissing Keio frantically, more so even than Keio had kissed her that afternoon in Anna's room!

They were now pressed against each other. Keio felt Anna's breast under her own and the body heat they both exhumed under the covers!

The deep and passionate tongue wrestling went on for a long long time. Finally Keio broke it off… she needed to breathe, and so did Anna also as it seemed… she was panting heavily and moaning in enjoyment. Eyes still closed, either in pleasure or sleep. This was what gave Keio the bravery to let her hand slowly slide down over Anna's body under the covers. Her fingers reached the pantyline and lingered there for a few moments.

Anna was squirming and moving seductively under Keios touch… so Keio moved on… letting her fingers and hand slide in under Anna's small, purple panties. Both girls were fair skinned and very blonde, so there was only a hint of hairs on the way down to Anna's succulent entry point. She might as well have been waxed down there she was that smooth. Much like Keios own private area. As her finger reached the top of Anna's slit Annas gasped… eyes closed, still asleep. But her senses were certainly not asleep. Keio let her finger slowly travel further down, just brushing the skin along the slit. A slight pressure and she could feel Anna's wetness.. her finger easily slid down and in between those very wet lips between her legs.

Sliding up and down her pussy opening made Anna's hips start to slowly girate and letting out heavy breaths of pleasure…

Keio took the plunge and let her finger slip in, into Anna. So warm and wet… Keio let another finger follow…Annas was unconsciously spreading her legs a bit and moving her hips to meet up with Keios fingers that ventured deeper and deeper into that soft warm space!

Keio was too short to also kiss Anna as she was fingering her. Keios head was more close to Annas chest instead which gave her a perfect position to lick and suck on Annas erect nipple. Anna had one hand on the back of Keios head and the other hand was down there, on top of Keios probing hand… pushing down and making it impossible for Keio to remove her fingers from inside Anna even if she had wanted to.

Keio was still not sure if Anna was still asleep or just pretending. The way she was moving, pressing Keios head to her breast and her hand into her pussy made it seem as if she was awake. But now and then she slowed down in a way that suggested that she maybe was not really conscious about what was happening. It was maybe just her body reacting instinctively to the sensations Keio was giving her. This was of less importance to Keio at the moment. It was heavenly to lie here, with the ruler of her heart, making wet, passionate love… hours later Keio finally drifted into a blissful sleep.. her head resting on Anna's breast and her hand deeply wedged into her soaked panties.

The wake up was less blissful. Keio woke up when Anna pulled her fingers out of her still warm and wet pussy! Anna was still for a moment,then suddenly sat up, got out of bed and rummaged through the room for her clothes.

Keio came to life very slowly… opening one drowsy eye she could just barely see Anna quickly pulling her pants and shirt on and backing slowly out of the bedroom trying to be as silent as possible.

Keio came to life. But the content feeling of the night's events quickly drained away when she came to terms with why Anna had so suddenly snuck off, even without a word. Damn… it was becoming clear to her now. Annas probably was asleep and her part in last night's passionate love making was probably only instinctive reflexes… surely helped by the drunken state she was in. Oh god! What had she done?! She could still feel the wetness of her fingers that she had buried in her girlfriend's snatch!

Shit, Anna must’ve woken up - noticing the sleeping Keio, sucking on her breast in her sleep and fingers shoved deeply into her. What a nightmare. No wonder she is in shock now!

Apart from seeing each other at school and getting nothing but embarrassed glances from anna. Never speaking and anytime Keio would come up towards the lovely girl of her dreams, Anna would shy away and rush away in some other direction.

It was obvious Anna was ashamed. And the two girls never got in contact ever again since that night.

So Keios one and only experience of sex had been very one sided and also, ended in disaster. This was why she now mostly kept to herself and did not try to pursue any love interests. She was sure she was lesbian of course. But anytime she saw some girl she fancied, the sting of that memory of losing anna came back and jabbed at her mind.

So - since then Keio had only ever been on her own. She was of course still getting urges, still wanting to be touched and loved. But she now was her own lover. Which was fine. She had gotten used to it. The shower head and her own fingers knew what to do. Once she had even bought a dildo online. She’d tried it out a few times, but mostly it felt ‘fake’ and it didn’t often see the outside of the bed tables drawer.

The ads made it sound so easy. Just one week of pills.

Get the “body you want”! “Bootylicious!” “Big breast in 1 week!”

It wasn’t really that expensive either.

Keio didn’t know why, but one night, surfing alone as always… she clicked, ordered, filled out the form, clicked again… forgot about it.

Until she saw the cardboard box in her mailbox one day a couple of weeks later.

At first she didn’t think about it. She thought it was just another of those small things and gadgets she had ordered online.

She was often online shopping. It was a nice relaxation from her otherwise lonely life.

Later in the afternoon, going through today's mail.. there was the box. Keio saw the weird asian lettering on the box and realized what order this might be!

The pills!

Her heart jumped a little! All those dreams of having the perfect body made their way into her mind! All those dreams from growing up and being teased for her height and disproportionate body swirled through her head.

In the packet were 21 greenish capsules.

The pills were set in a standard pill sheet of clear plastic with a silver colored backside. Three rows of seven pills each. They were pretty big. Twice the size of a normal headache pill. Which got Keio thinking… maybe they were not to digest… maybe they were suppositories?!

Rifling through the box she whipped out the instructions that came with it. Of course… all in some weird asian language, probably chinese. Turning the paper around.. no pictures. Damn.

Keio applied logic. It’s obvious that she is supposed to take 3 pills/day for 7 days… and they are much bigger than normal pills you stick in your mouth. From what she remembers reading about suppositories they essentially work the same way as pills you swallow. They dissolve and enter the bloodstream, to there let the effective chemicals find their way and get to work. The only reason she could think of why sometimes suppositories are used is that the effective chemicals can be lessened in effect by the stomach's strong acids. That would be why suppositories have a greater power than just pills you swallow.

She has three orifices that they can be put in. To be on the safe side Keio decided to let every hole get one pill every day. That would ensure that the ingredients of the pills got evenly distributed throughout her whole body! Easy peasy.

What wasn’t so easy was to swallow one of those giant pills. It took her several tries and she almost gagged on it a few times. Applying one into her bum and the third into her vagina was much easier… even a little pleasurable. She felt a little sexy walking around in her apartment, feeling those big pills inside her and imagining what kind of magic they would work on her body!

Day: 1

Keio woke up sweating. A tingling feeling… not unpleasant..but weird. She didn’t really feel any different. But, after just one day.. that was to be expected. As she was going to take this day's dose of pills she was really not looking forward to swallowing that one pill for the day. She could still feel the strain in her throat from yesterday's pill… it felt like it was still stuck in there, half way down her throat.

Keio concluded that these pills were not meant for oral use. So instead she put 2 of them up her vagina and one up her bum today. She could spread it out and do the opposite tomorrow, that way the pills would be evenly distributed between her two lower holes during the course of the week.

Day: 2

The tingling feeling had not subsided. Keio could feel a tightness in her body. Felt like her body was swelling. But even after long periods of studying herself in the mirror - no changes could be detected. Today was two up the butt and one in the front. Those two up her butt could be felt very clearly… Maybe this is how those geisha balls feel that she’s seen people online use. Not at all an unpleasant feeling.

While she was down in the corner shop she felt a little naughty even. All those people in the store, and no one knew that she had been stuffing things up her nethers just moments before going down to the shop. Especially exciting was the feeling she got when checking out her groceries at the cashier. She had a small crush on that girl for a long time now. Her name was Suzy and she had a kind of rock-bitch vibe about her. Black hair in a knot on top of her head, heavy on the eyeliner and thin, very red lips. Her store shirt was always unbuttoned too far down and with cleavage showing.

Suzy was always nice and courteous to Keio, but never more than that. But Keio wouldn’t want it any other way. She was fully content with having Suzy as a fantasy, one she’d bring out now and then whilst pleasuring herself in the shower.

Today she was standing in front of her personal masturbation fantasy and the large pills stuffed inside her were making themselves very noticeable as Keio could feel her regions moistening up at the dirty thoughts she was inviting.

But as Suzy was punching in her groceries into the cash register… Keio could feel the two pills taking up space in her ass start slipping… Shit?! Keio tensed up, pulled her legs together and tightened her sphincter! Damn! Were the pills coming out? Right here in the store?! This was a really bad day to not wear any panties underneath her dress! Had she had underwear on the pills would probably just pop out into her panty bottoms… but she didn’t dare to think of what would happen if they popped out now!

She slowly glanced behind her and saw what she had dreaded. There was a que behind her… first in line was a lady neighbour. She didn’t know her name, but she knew she lived in the same staircase as Keio. If those pills came out here she’d be in the perfect line of sight to see them land on the floor in front of her!

Keio got the chills now! All of a sudden she got that excruciating feeling you get when you really have to go ‘number two’ but you know you are way too far away from any toilet!

She was now standing at strict attention. Any military guard would have been envious at how tight she could press her legs and thighs together!

Usually Keio loved to peer down Suzy's cleavage as she handled the groceries, but now she just wanted her to finish as quickly as possible! So she could get out of here before any accident happened that would surely spread around the neighbourhood in an instant!

-”You know that short girl in 2 B? She pooped out two geisha balls in the grocery store! Yeah.. right in front of everybody!”

Oh gawd! That would end Keio forever.

Suzy finished up, gave Keio a sexy smile as always and called -”Next!” to the lady in the que behind Keio.

Keio knew that if she took a normal step now, the first pill would come flying out! She could feel it pushing at her sphincter from inside! Only thing keeping it in was her strong and firm ‘bubble butt’ cheeks, clenched tightly under her dress.

She shuffled away with very tiny steps. She probably looked ridiculous. Hopefully no one was paying attention to her. Outside of the store she saw just how far it was to get over to her stairwell. It was several hundred yard across the small park and playground. In full view of anyone looking out their window. A couple of mom’s and their kids were playing at the playground, and someone was walking their dog…

Small steps, tiny small steps… buttocks clenched! This was a nightmare! The feeling itself was extremely erotic. Keio had never stuffed anything up her bum before, so this was a totally new sensation. It was actually a great sensation! Why hadn’t she ever explored this part of her body more?! If she ever gets home without humiliating herself to the whole apartment complex she’s gotta try this out more in the future!

But now the pleasure of having the pills trying to open her sphincter from within was also combined with the dread of being seen pooping out green balls out in public!

After a minute or two she had made it third way through the park-area. But the tension of this ordeal was getting to her. She was sweating and the moistness down there was building up even greater… which did nothing to help her situation. The more slippery liquids that accumulated in her crotch area the easier it seemed for the pills to try to break through her backside barrier. She had to stop and breathe. The pills were coming out! She could feel that the first pill was almost halfway out and the second was pressing on! If the pill passed the halfway mark of its circumference it would shoot out! Instinctively Keio moved her hand back there. But with such short arms and voluptuous backside she would really have to bend sideways and backwards in a very obvious way to be able to get her fingers there to stop it from plopping out! Keio spotted a trash can just a few steps away. It was one of those kinds that looks like a small tower with a kind of tin roof above the can part. To keep out rain and not have the trashcan get overfull of water with every heavenly shower that decided to pass overhead! Keio quickly hobbled over and just as the pill was about to burst out she sat down on the tin roof of the trashcan, effectively hindering the pill from coming out.. and even pushing it back in a little! Saved by the bell, Keio thought. Or, saved by the trash can really.

Luckily it was one of those very low trash bins that are set about near playgrounds, so that children can reach them and throw trash in. Had it been a normal height one Keios would never have reached high enough with her bum to sit on it. It was still high, she was kinda leaning against it with her bum firmly placed on the edge of the lid.

Now what? She had to try to push the pills back in deeper, but she could do it with her fingers. Apart from that it was hard to reach, she was now sitting very close to the playground with her back (and bum) towards the children and their moms.

Aha… she could use the trash lid to push something against her sphincter and force the pills in deeper so she could get home! Keio quickly hoisted out a lipstick from her shoulder bag.

Studying the shape of it and contemplating. Well, it’s a bit wider than the pills, it should work as a kind of ram to shove the pills up an inch or two and give her the chance to scurry home without embarrassing herself! If she just placed it and aimed correctly she could slowly sink herself down on the lipstick using the trash cans lid as a base… then rush home!

But she didn’t want to press her dress into her bum, so she had to remove the textile that was now between her ass and the lid she was sitting on. Looking around as if she was studying the clouds, she pretended to whistle a little bit while her fingers slowly pulled the back part of the dress out from under her. As she did this she could now feel the cold metal against her naked skin, and also she could feel the warm wetness spreading down there. Hadn’t this been out in public this would have been a crazy sexy feeling.

Keio bent forward a bit… lipstick at the ready. One hand holding up the hem of her dress skirt and the other holding the lipstick, the smaller end of it pointing up. With a swift move she raised her butt just enough to quickly slip the lipstick in under. Her aim was good, she immediately felt that the tip of the lipstick was situated just on her bumhole.

Now… just to let herself sink down slowly only as much as needed to push the pills back further…

-”Hey lady!”

Splat! She sank down way too hard and way too fast. She could feel the whole of the lipstick be engulfed in her ass! It was like 3-4 inches long and now it was fully inserted in her!

Keio was startled, she hadn’t realized that she had her eyes closed and was so focused on her endeavor that she hadn’t noticed the little kid sneaking up on her!

-Oh hey?”, she responded with a cracked voice and blushing cheeks!

-”Tommy! Get over here! Don’t bother the nice girl!”, Tommy's mother called out from the sandbox a bit away.

Tommy shrugged and walked back to the activities at the playground.

Keios was relieved that no one had noticed… but also distressed that she now had a whole lipstick bottle shoved up in there. At least the pills must’ve been pushed way in deeper. So the plan kinda worked.

Keio could feel ripples of extacy coming through her hips and loins. Wow… this felt so sexy and good. But, why did she have to discover this awesome way to gain pleasure out in the open, at a playground, with people around her?! Damn!

She stood up slowly. The lipstick bottle seemed to be working. Not as planned exactly, but.. she did feel very ‘filled up’ in the backside. It was a great feeling.

She brushed the back of her dress off, to her amazement she saw a large wet stain on the trash cans lid, where she had planted herself.

Shit, i’d better get out of here quickly before anyone realizes that those juices came from me!, she thought and hurried home.

It was a strange and arousing feeling, especially walking up the stairs and feeling that lipstick-dildo moving around inside her! She found herself breathing heavely and getting horniier by the second! Inside she quickly made her way to the bathroom and lay herself down on the bathroom rug, jerked up her dress and fingered her way into her own bum, desperately trying to get a hold of the bottle in there! Everything was wet and slippery which made it so much harder. It was almost impossible to get a grip and pull it out. Everytime she thought she had it and starting pulling it out, her body worked against her and shut the bum muscle and it slipped back in again… it was annoying, but yet so satisfying every time the sphincter was stretched out and forced open… after a while she managed to get it out further, but using her muscles and concentrating on not letting it slip in again.

Wow, this was a new type of arousal she had felt! She’d almost come several times during the extraction of the lipstick and now it only took a few strokes on her clit to come hard!

Her pussy felt a bit more swollen than usual.. but that wasn’t so strange maybe, considering how long she now had been ravaged by her own lipstick!

Later in the day she felt very happy and excited about this whole new world that had opened up, behind her, literally. Maybe she could use something else than a lipstick bottle next time? Something that was easier to get out.

Day: 3

Still no visible changes. But she felt very horny. Although, that was not unusual for Keio. So just relieving some sexual tension was nothing new. Was probably not even related to the pills. She wanted to use two pills in her backside again today, even though that would be to stray away from the regime she had made up for herself. But also, just the one pill felty very good too! Especially since she made sure to push it in further this time. Had she only had longer arms,she would be able to put more of her finger in. As of now she could only reach to get half of her finger up in there.

Day: 4

Feeling very warm. And body is aching a bit. Breasts feel puffy. Maybe they’re a little bigger than yesterday? Just the thought of her breasts growing gets Keio wet and sensual… still not weird to masturbate two days in a row. And today was two pills up the butt again! That was probably what was making her so horny! She took her time to insert them…

Day: 5

Breasts are definitely growing now. Bra does not fit anymore… maybe I’ve grown a whole cup size already. Groin and ass feel a bit more tense also… she is wet and almost dripping all the time. Already at lunchtime she decided that panties were of no use today. They just got soggy in a few minutes and she had to throw them in the laundry basket!

Day: 6

Ok. Breasts have grown even bigger now. They feel swollen to the touch, and I find my thighs are moist from vaginal fluids most of the time now! My pussy has also swollen in size and just touching it sends shivers through my whole body! Keio relieved herself 4 times that day. Luckily this was her vacation.. she had no idea of how this could’ve worked if she had to be at work!

Day: 7

Impossible to even put on a bra anymore. I’m surely beyond normal bra sizes now. And I decided to not wear panties at all. Tried to put on a pair this morning, but I almost came just from the pressure of the fabric against my mound. She had to relieve herself three times today. Last time she even squirted as she came. Bed sheets got soaked! Last day of pills. Maybe it’s a good thing that it’s not a 2 week amount?

..Day: 8

Woke up in a puddle of her own juices! But still felt as horney as she had ever been! Keio made herself cum twice in the already wet bed before she could even get up and do anything else! Her breasts are now huge! And just touching them, or even the simple action of putting on a shirt gets the nipples erect and starts her juices flowing excessively again!

Keio realizes that this is maybe not as it should be. She gets worried and decides to make a call.

-”Yes, hello, you’ve reached the Womens’ doctor clinic. What can we do for you?”

-”Ehm, hi, … I’ve take some pills…”

-”Pills? What are you saying? Is this a suicide call?!”

-”Oh, no… no, no! I’m sorry… that came out wrong. I’m Keio. I.. eh.. ordered some pills online.. and now I am experiencing some weird effects.”

-”Oh, ok mam’. Glad to hear that it wasn’t what it first sounded like. Haha… Tell me, what is the trouble?”

-”Well, I don’t know… my body feels swollen… ehm.. I feel my hormones flaring. I don’t know really… but something is not right.”

-”I see. What is the name of these pills?”

-”Sorry. It was some kind of Chinese pills. I don’t know the name. I’ve thrown the box out already.”

-”Hmm.. that sounds serious mam’. I’d best set you up for a meeting first thing tomorrow morning. I will set you up to see Dr. Williams at 9 a.m. I’ll send you the address in a text so you can see her right away tomorrow!”

-”Ok, thanks. Yes. That’ll be great!”

Day: 9

Keio woke up. Panties soaked. Crotch feels like it’s burning. The usual puddle in bed.

Boobs feel swollen. Body feels tense. The urge to just touch herself is overbearing. But she knows that it is not the solution. Everything will just get even more wet. And she has the appointment with Dr. Williams in just one hour!

She has to get herself ready!

Wise from the day earlier, she finds one of the small towels, folds it three times and sticks it in her panties. Careful not to touch herself too much, since that only gets her juices flowing more.

What Keio hadn’t calculated on, was that while cramming herself into those too tight jeans.. a lot of extra pressure was added to her lower parts. And the towel, that now suddenly felt very much like a diaper. The towel diaper gave a very direct and total ‘push’ against her vulva.

As she was pulling up her jeans and buttoning up she could feel an involuntary squirt going straight through her thin panties and into the towel.

Putting on the too tight bra and a t-shirt over was just giving her more excruciating sensations of guilty pleasure, and she was now aware of a steady stream of fluid, slowly seeping out from her pulsating vagina.

The short walk down the stairs from her third floor apartment gave Keio well founded worries about the bus trip downtown.

Every step down the stairs let her feel her firm and heavy breasts bounce and every bounce made the fabric of her bra chafe against her over sensitive nipples. She now realized the problem with her towel-diaper also… although it worked as intended with absorbing all the watery fluids she was extruding from below, the edges of the towel were tickling her thighs with every small step and movement she took. That in combination with the pressure the tight jeans were applying to her nethers made it so she was almost coming to a climax by the time she came down to the bottom staircase.

Another strange thing she now had noticed was that she had become much more meaty around the vaginal area. It felt like fluids were collecting there, almost like another breast (but much smaller than the huge mounds stuck to her chest) was set down there. She could feel a slight bounce of her groin flesh everytime she set her foot down. Which of course only enhanced the sensations she was already feeling. She needed to place her feet slowly and carefully to not have all of her pussy tremble with every step.

Before going out the door of the stairwell Keio had to lean against the wall a bit. Breathing heavily and trying to keep her legs spread apart as widely as she could, to relieve a bit of the pressure from her sensitive bits… She managed not to come right then and there.

Had she not stopped to pause, there would’ve been a pure flooding in her pants and she’d have to run back up to the apartment to change and miss the bus.

The bus!!

While walking, awkwardly and with short steps, every step at the risk of giving just enough arousal to bring her over the edge, towards the bus stop it dawns on Keio that there is still a 30 minute bus ride to endure before she gets to the doctors office!

This was gonna be tough. Already now she could feel that the towel would not do the trick. It felt very heavy in her crotch. She could feel a small trickle of horny fluids seeping down the inside of her right thigh already.

With the bus stop in view Keio now sees the bus coming around the curve and quickly closing in towards the bus stop up ahead! Shit, this meant she now had to run!

She tried to start out with a timid jogging motion, but everything on her body was bouncing around like crazy… pulses of tickling lust were shooting through her body everytime any of her jiggly bits touched another part of her. With every small step of running she let out a small gasp and felt her eyes roll to the back of her head almost! Seeing how fast the bus was nearing the stop she had to pick up the pace and run faster. More bounce and jiggle. More skin against skin sensations!

Luckily the bus driver saw the curvy, young girl trying to catch the bus and he slowed down and came to a stop at the same time as Keio reached the curb. She was exhausted, feeling even hotter than before and panting heavily. Both from the physical feat of running, but also from the orgasmic sensations that were now rippling through her body. As the bus doors opened she clenched her mouth tight as to not let out any sexual sounds as she had to take 4 rather big steps up to the drivers spot.

Blushing and hoping the driver would not notice the damp towel that was bulging under Keio’s tight pants she quickly gave him her ticket and scurried back in the aisle of the bus.

The driver gave her plump and round ass a good look in his driver's mirror that gave him an excellent view into the aisle of the bus and then closed the doors and continued the route.

Just as the bus jerked into movement Keio got a hold of one of the bars going from floor to ceiling and that was what saved her from falling flat on her face! Her new body had a very different weight ratio than she was used to. She was much more top-heavy now than before. She was used to having big boobs. She had learned to not spin around too quickly when she was near a shelf or they would usually knock something down. But not only were her breast much, much bigger now, but also much heavier. They didn’t just feel like appendages on her body anymore… they felt swollen, they felt full.

This became very apparent now on the bus ride. Every bump and turn the bus made jiggled her boson around very much. She felt her bra straps cutting into her shoulders and back flesh. Hadn’t it been for that the same bumps, vibrations and turns also made her lower regions sqeeze and grind togheter every time she neede to move her feet in small adjustments to keep balance, which in turn send erotic shivers out to the rest of her body… the uncofortbale bra would’ve have been torture.

Now she almost didn't feel it. At least, all the other, much more pleasurable feelings were drowning out any discomfort she felt.

The bus stopped abruptly at the next stop. Keio had to use a hard grip to hold on to the railing and not fall backwards as her mounds and gravity tried to pull her over.

An old man came onboard. He looked grumpy, brown overcoa